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Friday, October 16, 2020

The Theory of Three (Farkas Alpha)

 Many years ago when learning Music Theory (by myself - school is NOT education, education is life) from a book which was so over my head it was unbelievable (I'll find it and read it now), in the first 10 pages there was a sentence which said something like 'the musical note can only move in three ways, up, down or the same, its interval of sound can only move in three ways, longer, shorter or the same, the composition can only move in three ways, more, less or the same'. This blew my brain. I think this was one of many 'eureka' moments. 

I now call it 'The Theory of Three' (copyrighted if I possibly can). There was a student crying the other day, and later on, I mentioned there are three main ways to feel, happy, sad or nothing at all. These last few weeks while writing Farkas Alpha have been difficult (Easy, difficult, same ol' same ol'), and feelings are up, down or I don't feel at all. (The Theory of Three) Let that be my theory! Dani J Caile Theory.

One of the characters in Farkas Alpha gives it up...

"At least you’re still alive. The Theory of Three: Up, down, or the same. Happy, sad or indifferent. In this case, pleasure, pain or nothing at all: death."

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