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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Another Tribute to Jasper T. Scott!

As I sit here and wait for something to happen, good ratings, bad ratings, any sales and KENP at all (and writing, of course) I'd just like to give another tribute to Jasper T. Scott, the USA Today Best-Selling Author! I've read all his books from the very beginning of his career as a sci-fi writer which started over 10 years ago. Out of all those sci-fi writers on Amazon, he's the best by a mile. It doesn't matter which series you choose, you'll be entertained for hours. He doesn't need an advert from me, but I'd like to give a moment to him. Here is a list of things his book are and have:

Easy to read - those pages just flow past like good wine.

Incredible worlds - you can imagine yourself there.

Believable characters - you can recognise these people.

Realistic dialogue - you hear conversations you once had (except for any alien stuff and future tech, of course)

Logical technology - and talking about tech, yeah, plausible.

Enticing Stories - as I said, it's not only because it's easy to read, the story hooks you in.

Entertaining - and also keeps you entertained. Isn't that the reason why you're reading?

Jasper T. Scott!

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