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Friday, March 5, 2021

A Call for Reviews! FREE copies available!

I'm in a Catch 22 situation.

In order to get my new book advertised to A TON of sci-fi readers (I'm talking 5000+ REAL sci-fi readers), I need 5 reviews. 

But in order to get reviews, I need to advertise to those readers because that's the audience who will not only buy it, but read and review it.

Catch 22.

I'm talking about my new book... Under the Shade of the Sun. Action, fun, suspense, intrigue. And more action. 

SO... if there's anyone real out there (which is a BIG question at the moment) and if you can review a book on Amazon (ie. you're an Amazon member or have spent over 50 dollars), message me, I'll send you the book for FREE! Without those 5 reviews, the advert isn't going out, the HUGE audience won't see it, it will wither and die in the literary desert that is the Amazon book graveyard. Hell, if you can't review, I'll still give it to you for FREE! You'll like it!

Here's the link for the book if you're thinking of buying it a or recommending it and supporting my work...(And maybe even pre-order the 2nd!)

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