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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

A sale! And Book 2 in progress!

The first sale of 'Under the Shade of the Sun'! ...THANK YOU! I'm trying to guess who it is but that's tricky. Yep. One. And a paperback. I'm surprised. And I've just changed the Preface (it felt a bit pretentious) But, yeah, I'm surprised... 1. because it's a paperback 2. that there aren't any ebook sales. Readership is so strange. From success to 'bust', all within a few weeks. 


I already have some ideas and a semi-plot for book 2, so it will probably be ready quite soon. It's up fro Pre-Order already, though I've set the publishing date way ahead to give me time. Here's the cover. Can you see the continuity? Bohatch is a character from Radnoti X (go and look at the cover), and of course, book 1's cover. But here's the cover of 'Slaughter Under the Bridge'...get it? Uh-huh...

And here's the link for book 1, 'Under the Shade of the Sun' it, read it, review it! Then pre-order the 2nd (see above) because the 1st is so good!

And, of course, Humanity H2O is still available! 

Humanity H2O! (the singles)

Humanity H2O (together as one)

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