Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Neuromancer by William Gibson...fantastic!

In terms of science fiction, I was more into Greg Bear and his "Blood Music" and lately "shoot-em-ups" from my friend Jasper T. Scott  but now I bumped into William Gibson's masterpiece "Neuromancer" again. When I first tried to read it, I couldn't. I stopped because I didn't get it. But now... it's a fantastic book. Okay, the end is a touch flat but the rest is a fresh air to the mind! I can understand how some people can say they 'don't get it' or feel that's it's 'forced', but it's a certain style and I sped through it. I really enjoyed this book.  Putting a 5 star review on Amazon now...

...talking of's the full paperback cover of "All For Love"! Still not available yet, but soon...the Kindle ebook is here...

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