Sunday, February 14, 2016

Some movement and other wonderful things

Although there are no sales, there's some movement on my FREE downloads over on Smashwords.
It amazes me, really. For a while, nothing happened. Then a little later, nothing happened again. Now, in the last 30 days, some people have taken a few downloads. Nice. Thank you.

"All For Love" will also be available in paperback in a few days (hopefully).

Challenge 145 is still up...nice story I have there...

At the moment? Nothing much. I'm letting my next novel sit inside my head for a bit, let it mature until it it pops out under the pressure.
Yes, I guess a writer does this some times, does nothing and then 'POP', there it is. I'll have to do this. Nothing else is working! Do I sound depressed? That's because I am. It hits me a lot. Usually passes.

Oh, and "Everything I Need to Know about Love..." is still going strong :-)

Yes, this post is all about me, isn't it? Funny that, I thought it was my blog...

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