Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"Attack of the Killer Pogo Sticks"

I entered a short story competition, 'The Writer's Drawer Short Story Contest 2016' (
but I didn't place...BUT I was one of 3 who were 'Highly Recommended', so I came in the Top 6.
"Attack of the Killer Pogo Sticks"...based on 'The Blob'...
Please, go read it, they put it up on their site :-)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

WQ181 + Updates

The Writers Games 2016 is still on, Event 3 this week. Written and sent.
I didn't get in the top 5 in Event 1, nor the top 3 in Event 2 (I sent a very pc version), though got some feedback from Event 1.
I don't know whether I can reply to the feedback, but I did make at least 2 out of the 3 judges laugh. Isn't that enough?

New novel...40k and rising! The first draft is about 3/4s done, hoping ti finish soon.

But now...Weekend Quickie 181!
Here it is on the website...
But mine is here, too :-) ..nothing changes, eh? Lol

181 – image above, a dead man, a boy, fear

(The Old Man and the Sea - alternative ending)

Manolin ran as fast as he could through the sand and stones, carrying the fish's head against his chest. He feared he would find a dead man in the shack. If only they would have let him go fishing with the old man, then there would be no marlin on the side of his boat on the beach, eaten by sharks, and perhaps something worse, waiting for him in the darkness of the old man's abode. Footsteps led him to the place, the door ajar. Dreading that final step, he took a deep breath and walked in.
"Old man?"
On the bed lay Santiago, face down, with his left hand dangling to the floor, bloody and cut. Manolin put the marlin's head by the door and stepped closer, hoping the old man was still alive. He vowed that he would never let the old man go fishing alone again, no matter what the others said, especially his father. He was his apprentice and his place was by the old man's side. He touched the old man on the shoulder.
A long, loud and disgustingly stinky fart came from the old man's worn breeches. He was alive! The boy fainted.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

All for Love review + WQ180 + Writers Games 2016 update

I have another review on "All for Love" !! Thank you, Alis! Firstly, for buying a paperback, secondly, for giving a review, and thirdly, for being FANTASTIC! :-)

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Original and gripping, and excellently written and plotted. You may not be in love with some of the characters by the end, but you love the journey they took you on. Highly recommend. 
If you'd like to read it, here it is...(the link, that is)

New book first draft...30k and rising...

Winter Games 2016 update...Event 2 is three times and resent Event 1, I wasn't in the Top 5...but soon we will get some feedback and after Event 3, we will know where we 'place'. So, who knows.

And here's Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 180!
See it here on the website...
Or here below...

180 – image cropped from “Christ among Scribes” (Ribera) - above, determination, internet service, a social event

Richard moved through the crowd with some determination. There were at least six of them at it, trying to get a presentation to work, and the families at the wedding were beginning to get restless, waiting for more than an hour. Drinks were flowing and voices grew louder.
"Excuse me," said Richard.
"Look," said the Best Man to another suit. "We've got internet service through the Wifi, it's running through my SkyDrive and working on the computer, it's just not showing up on the projector's screen."
"Is this laptop compatible with this projector?" asked another technical wizard.
"Excuse me," said Richard.
"Yes, I used this same setup last year at your Auntie's funeral," replied the Best Man.
"Perhaps if we try rebooting the laptop, the projector will recognize it and..." said another.
"Don't you think I've tried that?"
"Excuse me!" said Richard.
"Why are we waiting!" shouted one drunk relative. Other joined in.
"Excuse me!" said Richard.
"What?" shouted back the Best Man.
"I think I know why it's not working," said Richard.
The Best Man snorted. "What would you know? You're a gardener!"
Richard walked up to the projector sitting on the table and took off the lens cap.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

WQ179 and the Writers Games 2016

Entered my first story for the Writers Games 2016...unfortunately, due to the rules, I can't show it until the tournament is over (unless I win one Event and they post it themselves...chance is highly unlikely)
AND it's time for the Iron Writer Weekend Quickie!
Here is the link to the site and other 200 word miracles...
...and here's mine reproduced on this little blog :-)

WQ179 - image above, an old widow, insight, a sleepless night

"Did you hear about ol' Mrs Kompelsmitzen?"
"Isn't that the old widow who lives at No.5?"
"What? Did the old Kraut finally kick the bucket, then?"
"Not for lack of trying. She smoked more than your ol' banger!"
"Watch it, boyo. How old was she?"
"I think someone estimated her age to be around 102, give or take a year."
"Wow. For a smoker, you'd think she'd have gone long ago."
"Tough as old nails. You know, they couldn't prove it, but they said she was a concentration camp guard back in the war."
"What war?"
"THE war, you know, World War Two, Hitler and the Jews and all that?"
"Did you go to school?"
"Where did you go?"
"To the pub."
"So? The old Kraut?"
"Oh yeah, well apparently after cooking a nice, stinkingly large portion of cabbage and noodles, she got stomach problems. Her neighbours said they could hear her flatulence problems through the walls and listened to her shouting and pacing for hours. They all had a sleepless night."
"So, she died of wind?"
"You could say that. She'd be alive If she'd had the insight to not light her morning cigarette..."

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Truth: the 'hobby train' Felcsút Railway

Finally! Someone decided to investigate the new tourist little railway in Felcsút, the hobby train of our 'leader', the one he spent 600M Forints from the EU on.
There is a wonderful photo...the only people onboard are two reporters.
Yes, the Government told the EU that 2400-7000 people would use this 'hobby train' every day.
Do you know how many tourists are using it since it was built? NONE.
The only people the two reporters saw on the 'hobby train' were workers, four in total. Two going one way, two the other.
So, that was well worth 600M Forints of EU money, wasn't it?
The thing is, if 2400-7000 people aren't using this 'hobby train' every day, the EU will ask for their money back. And who is going to pay for that? The TAXPAYERS.
Politics IS corruption. But there comes a point when the politicians know enough is enough and somehow keep the country together. But not these guys. These guys will kill Hungary.

...on another note...the Writers Games 2016 have begun! Event 1 was put up yesterday in the 'private Facebook page' and I already have a story. I wonder how the judges will like it/hate it? Interesting times...

Sunday, May 8, 2016

WQ178 + update

Almost up to 30,000 with the new novel's first draft...but then there's the plot check, storyline, character check, name check, runthrough 2,458...etc
I'm also doing the 2016 Writers Games, 7 weeks with 7 stories... was the Practise Event this week. It's rather like the Iron Writer, with set elements, word limit and genre but somehow you are given points from judges...I don't know how it'll work, but will be interesting to see how I do.
Anyway...Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 178 is up!

And here's my take...

WQ178 - image above, time, vanity, juxtaposed

"Your skill of flying helicopters is juxtaposed with your inability to drive a car, Cuthbert," said Lord Farquhar. His butler flew a few feet over the city traffic, missing the jam below.
"I try my best, sir," said Cuthbert the butler. "I do prefer the air. Cars are so 'grounded'."
"Not when you're driving them," said Lord Farquhar. "How are we doing for time?"
"Time, sir, is relative."
"No, Lady Bertwaite is a relative and there'll be hell to pay if I'm late! Oh, the vanity of the woman, to hold a banquet in the city on the top of the most prestigious hotel in rush hour!"
"One minute, sir, and we'll be there. I'm afraid, sir, you may have to use the rope ladder."
"Oh, you scoundrel, Cuthbert. The indignity of it all!"
"Perhaps there is another option, sir. If I can get close enough..." They'd reached the building and Cuthbert took the helicopter to the top. "Sir?"
"Jump!" He opened the door and pushed Lord Farquhar out, allowing him to roll onto the rooftop and make a dramatic entrance.
"Oh, bravo, Cuthbert, bravo!" Lord Farquhar waved the helicopter away and strolled proudly on through the applauding crowd.