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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Conceptual Continuity: Book 3 ideas are appearing

Would you believe it? I haven't even finished the second book in my new Humanity H2O sci-fi series and now the ideas are coming for the third book. Here's the cover...

Until the second one's out, I won't be able to tell you anything about this one, not even the blurb because ***spoiler***

But let's discuss Conceptual Continuity. As Frank Zappa said...

I'm a HUGE fan of Zappa, not only for the professional and 'different' music but for how he did his business, without the system, without the large corporations in the music industry. Dweezil is still out there, fighting the good fight!

And I like to do the same as Zappa, have some continuity in my work.

First of all, notice the 'colours' of the covers...or shall I say, the 'light'...sure, they're not so professional but on a budget of air that's what you can come up with.

And the titles...

Gubasci Dulu, Radnoti X, Farkas Alpha

There's something going on there, but unfortunately, it will be lost in time because I won't tell. Sometimes a code appears which can't be broken... well, no one has even bothered about 'All For Love' (free on Smashwords here) - that's ALL written in code. It was a 'labour of love' and great to write. The code in the three titles doesn't need to be broken, it's only there as an inspiration for me! Just another way to spur yourself on when writing!

News very soon!

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