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Friday, September 4, 2020

Reviews of Gubacsi Dulu - 4 and so strange

 This IS the strangest time ever for myself in book reviews. 4 reviews for Gubacsi Dulu worldwide and it looks like this...

The next few will show whether I was able to reach out and get some message across to those who are open to listen. How open are the Science Fiction community to something slightly different? Have readers been spoonfed for too long now? Are they ready to follow one line of thought which covers both story and character development? Will they see the multitude of social conventions being questioned? Am I banging my head against a brick wall or is there a readership out there willing to listen, think, and change?

The next few days, weeks will tell. Until then, I wait in anticipation for the next review, and maybe the next... and perhaps the next... to give me the inspiration to make 'Radnoti X', book 2 in the Humanity H2O series, the best it can be. Still looking for that 'perfect' sentence... which is a myth.

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