Sunday, March 30, 2014

Another Great little review of 'Manna-X'

Wow! Another great little review of 'Manna-X' from an old friend! Thanks, mate! Only two lines but you said it all, excellent! I have an aquaintance who loves the book but because of religious grounds he can't publicly acknowledge it...LOL
Find 'Manna-X' here...

Oh, and here's the review :-)

5.0 out of 5 stars Great and original book, March 23, 2014
By szakib -
Amazon Verified Purchase 
This review is from: Manna-X (Kindle Edition)
A witty and highly entertaining read with unique characters and a pretty unpredictable storyline. Not necessarily compatible with people who take the Christian religion seriously. :)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekend Quickie No.29! :-)

There's a wonderful selection of 200 (ish) word stories this Saturday at TIW Weekend Quickie :-)
See them here....

Of course, here's mine :-) A Quickie in a Quickie

"Where's Brian? He's got the keys to the plane," asked Jordan.
"He's probably busy with his grandchildren on Skype, he really misses them," replied Mamie.
"Yeah, I think it was a good idea we all banded together on this Gung-ho world trip, seeing as we're now all famous writers, but I sure do miss my family," said Michael.
They all agreed and drank their cocktails, watching the plane bob up and down.
"Are we in 'Castaway' or what?" laughed Jordan.
"More like 'Lost'," said DaVur. "Watch out for fast-moving invisible monsters…oh,  no Equinox winners here."
"So, what do we do now?" asked Michael.
"Well, what are we?" questioned Mamie.
"No, look, we're Iron Writers and it's Saturday, isn't it?"
"Hey, a Quickie!" screamed Jordan.
"You'll be lucky," remarked DaVur.
"We can write a Quickie! We need elements."
"A beach?"
"Good, now, what's here?"
"Other than that plane, us," said Jordan.
"5 Iron Writers, including Brian," stated DaVur.
"And now an emotion?"
"How about 'the desire to travel about', like what we'd like to do now?" mentioned Michael.
"I think that's called 'wanderlust'."
"Perfect! Let's write!"
They sat drinking their cocktails, watching the plane bob up and down.

PS: 'Editing 'How to' is almost over! :-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Edit No.3 - a juicy hamburger!

Onto the 3rd and possibly my last edit of 'How to' before I hand it over to someone to read.
The 1st edit puffed up my initial skeleton, bringing the book to 50,000 words by adding description and changing a few things. The 2nd edit was all about who, what, where and POV fixes. This 3rd edit is making sure it feels like a fat, juicy hamburger with all the trimmings :-) Doing well so far, 20% done.
Yes, I think I will try that publisher, though I don't know whether my submission will be successful. I can but try. Here's hoping (and not hopping).

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Quickie 28! Never missed one :-)

So far, I've never missed a TIW Weekend it's on its 28th!
Here's the place to go and see mine and the other TIWs' 200 worders...
But to make it easy for ya, here's my take :-)

Big Chief "He ya ho"

The arrowhead sticking out above the number 16 announced trouble. Detective Brad Shaw eased the motel room door open and creeped into the darkness, carpet wet underfoot. No movement but the bathroom light flickering, door closed. He made out two bodies, one splayed out on the floor, the other hanging over the bed, motionless.
"We n'de ya ho, We n'de ya ho, We n'de ya, We n'de ya ho ho ho ho…"
Brad moved closer to the light, taking up a position behind a chair, gun pointing towards what he recognised as singing.
"Police! Come on out with your hands up!" Where was his backup, Lance?
"He ya ho, He ya ho, Ya ya ya!"
Brad's lumbering partner walked in with a burrito from the El Rancho's restaurant in one hand and his gun limp in the other.
"Whatta we got, partner?"
The bathroom door flew open, hinges splintering, light filling the room to reveal a large Native American, war paint and all, string taut and bow loaded.
"You gotta heap big angry chief!"
An arrow cut through Lance like butter and he fell, the burrito rolling over to the chair where Brad hid.
"Oh, what serendipity!" he exclaimed. "Chorizo!"

The arrowhead sticking out above the number 16 announced trouble. Detective Brad Shaw eased the motel room door open and creeped into the darkness, carpet wet underfoot. No movement but the bathroom light flickering, door closed. He made out two bodies, one splayed out on the floor, the other hanging over the bed, motionless.
“We n’de ya ho, We n’de ya ho, We n’de ya, We n’de ya ho ho ho ho…”
Brad moved closer to the light, taking up a position behind a chair, gun pointing towards what he recognised as singing.
“Police! Come on out with your hands up!” Where was his backup, Lance?
“He ya ho, He ya ho, Ya ya ya!”
Brad’s lumbering partner walked in with a burrito from the El Rancho’s restaurant in one hand and his gun limp in the other.
“Whatta we got, partner?”
The bathroom door flew open, hinges splintering, light filling the room to reveal a large Native American, war paint and all, string taut and bow loaded.
“You gotta heap big angry chief!”
An arrow cut through Lance like butter and he fell, the burrito rolling over to the chair where Brad hid.
“Oh, what serendipity!” he exclaimed. “Chorizo!” - See more at:

Saturday, March 22, 2014

With this kind of integrity, I'll never get anywhere...

Well, that last review of 'Manna-X' has gone. I'll tell ya why.
A 'writer' contacted me and wanted to 'swap' reviews when 'Manna-X' was free for a day. I said, "Sure, but don't spoil my 4s and 5s". I then tried to get his book but it wasn't free...a few messages to him and he says "Oh, yes, well, he'll make it free soon." So, that gave him time to read my book because his was only 36 pages long, a few hours for me.
A few days ago, he posted his review without warning and sent me a link to his book, now free. I downloaded it and read the review he'd posted on Amazon. 2 lines and full of typos. Okay, I put it up on here and corrected it. Then I read his book. I asked him to take down his review straight away.
With this kind of integrity, I'll never make it :-)

UPDATE: TIW Flash in the Pans

2014/03/20 : A 6 word story about crows...

Mindless murder annoying scantily clad scarecrows.

2014/03/21 : A tiny story about 2 Shakespearean insults ("Ye eater of broken meats" and "Have fun, you embossed carbuncles!")

Time for the kids' choice, where to spend the last few hours.
"McDonalds!" they said in unison.
"Great. Am I doing this one?" asked the ex.
"It's all yours."

Thursday, March 20, 2014

New interview! And new Review!

Yes! I have a new interview hosted by lovely Cinta de la Rose! Here it is...(
There are some great answers, honest. Please go and read :-)
For example...
3. What is your favourite day of the week?
Tomorrow. It has to be better than today.

I also received a new review of 'Manna-X' today, a short one, with some grammatical errors...but it was a 5 star!
Here it is (I've corrected the typos)
If you have anything (good) to say, please post it :-) Really need the reviews, thanks!

5.0 out of 5 stars Manna-X, March 20, 2014
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Manna-X (Kindle Edition)
"I'm dying. Shut up, Listen to me and listen to me good..." Wow, I love Rihat's strength. The way he dug the hole almost all night.
Manna-x is great for those who love thrilling stories. When you start reading it, you just keep going and enjoying. The only time you will put the book down is when you come to the end of it. You surely should try this book. It is quite amazing.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Amazon Recommendations?

Even though I'm the author and I have a copy, Amazon keeps recommending 'Manna-X'!
Crazy, huh?
Edit 2 of 'How to' is going well, the cat is getting all the good lines!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

'How to' Edit 2 - the cat...!?!

Yes, onto the second edit of 'How to', and it's the cat that's the driver of this one. Perhaps the book will need a map to show its 'journey' throughout the story. 5 days of walking around, searching for food, being chased by a dog, being petted to death, escaping the clutches of cannibals, etc.
Won't take too long, but then I'd like to read it all through, adding a little more detail here and there...
And then I'll submit it! Oh, happy days...the cloud of doubt hangs heavy....
Tried this website, it's meant to show you who you write like...
Paste a text in and it compares your writing style to famous authors.
So far, the list is long...
Stephen King....Stephanie Meyer...Jack London...Mark Twain...Margaret Mitchell...Edgar Allan Poe...Neil Gaiman...Lewis Carroll....8 different pieces of writing, 8 different styles...:-)
I'll keep trying, maybe one day I'll get Woolf or Adams... :-)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Yesterday (or today, depending on where you live) was (is) Michael D. Pitman's birthday!
Happy Birthday, Michael!
Who is Michael? A reporter and fellow TIW participant. He partnered me in the TIW Grduge Match which got me into the Winter Equinox Final..which I finally become a finalist for the TIW Autumn Open. We have also shared many chats and laughed at many TIW jokes together...yes, there's a small 'Closed' TIW world out there, growing daily, where we just have fun!
So, in celebration of Michael's birthday, Weekend Quickie 27 (found here) was in his's my take :-)

Michael's Omission

( 200 words : image - woman sitting on bed with a bear, element - a handsome newspaperman’s birthday, emotion - a feeling of anxiety brought on by the omission of a comma)

"Another job well done," smiled the handsome newspaperman as he stood up to get his coat. It was his birthday and all was well with the world. It had been a productive day, sharing out muffins in the morning to his colleagues, interviewing a famous local artist with the paper's smelly photographer Ted who'd almost got attacked by said artist's pet 6 foot grizzly bear when he'd bent over at an inopportune moment, handing the story in on time for the evening's print, sorting out the backlog of emails he'd amassed from neglect, and finally getting rid of that awful coffee stain from the edge of his computer's monitor. Now he could go home to his loving wife and fabulous children to celebrate with a slice of cake.
"Happy Birthday, Mike!" said Ted, handing him the paper's evening front broadsheet and laughing.
"Thanks, Ted." Mike's smile wavered as he noticed that the whole office was watching him, laughing. Turning the broadsheet over, he saw the wonderful photograph of the interviewed artist sitting on a bed with her bear, but his joy turned to anxiety once he read the headline. 'Local artist finds inspiration in stewing her bear and other pets'.

Friday, March 14, 2014

'How to' Edit 1 finished

I'm celebrating. It's taken a long time and a lot of effort to get 'How to' this far. Now I need to read it through, make sure everyone is in character, and everything happens accordingly.
I have surprised myself with this one. I think I should have a go at a new cover...but then again, maybe not. I'm submitting it to a publishing company in the USA who has shown a little interest in my work...they can surely reach a larger audience than I can by self-publishing. Fingers crossed that they accept it.
Anyway, there's still a little time to go before I'll let it 'out', there's the POV edit, the cat & dog edit, the 'weather' and smell edit, the 'final' edit and then the 'beta' readers. Fancy a go? Drop me a line!.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Palindromes! Flash in the Pan! 13th March 2014

Looks like there's a new thing in TIW...Flash in the Pan!
Today it was this...
(this is my take, there are others on the website here (you'll see my Dr Suess thing on the right :-)

Flash in the Pan 13 March 2014

(Palindrome - "I madam, I made radio! So I dared! Am I mad, am I?")

"Is he alright, doctor? Is he?"
It was difficult to see how the poor man could be, what with the four iron wrapped around his head.
"I'm going to have to run a few tests, madam. Just when exactly did this happen?"
"After the swearing, before the ban," said the distressed wife.
"No, no, at what time did this happen?" The doctor shined a light into the patient's eyes.
"Oh, sorry, doctor, about three hours ago," stated the women, matter-of-factly.
"Three hours! Why the hell did it take you this long to get him here?" complained the doctor.
"Well, I didn't really notice..."
"Notice? He's wearing a golf club for a hat and you didn't notice?"
"Well, I noticed that, but..." She was interrupted by her inflicted husband.
"I madam, I made radio! So I dared! Am I mad, am I?"
"See? He never made much sense before but now…" apologized the wife.
"Ah-ha. He has 'palindromitus', a common misfortune on the golf course." The doctor stopped his examination and sat there thinking.
"So, doctor? What's your diagnosis?"
"I'll write up a prescription." He wrote down the usual commission based medicine and scribbled his signature down at the bottom of the paper.
"So, doctor, looks like my husband won't be playing golf for a while. Fancy a set of clubs, without the four iron, of course?" asked the wife.
"Golf? God! Yawn! Mad on Eve! No damn way! Dog flog!"

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jack Kerouac's birthday - 'Cerrada Medellin Blues' Dani J style

There was a nice 'Daily FLASh in ther Pan' in the Iron Writers Facebook group today, to commemorate Jack Kerouac's birthday.
The 'challenge' was to model a poem after Cerrada Medellin Blues....not a big poet but I tried.
Here it is :-)

Even though I had a sister
I always played alone
             just myself and me

Hunting in the corn
I tripped and hit my head
            & got home late
Broke my toe while walking back
Crept inside and went to bed
And nothing more was said
Never ever looked


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thanks to (7): Zeltesh & GreenleafT22

As I've said before, there have been SOOO many people retweeting my tweets that it would be impossible to individually thank you
Looking through the long, long list of wonderful people (I wanted to write everyone down long is a piece of string?), 2 people kept appearing...

@Zeltesh "Imma insane, glomping, & stalker person thingy! YAY!! :D"
He has a youtube account here, too, I think. He's a cool gamer :-) 
THANK YOU, Zeltesh!

@greenleafT22...seems to have disappeared from Twitter, but I found some photos on
I'm guessing GreenleafT22 is a writer/artist?...hang on...there's a picture of someone holding a book...
"Untold" by Sarah Rees Brennan...
It's a picture from Kassie Cline on Twitter...
Sarah Rees Brennan...Here's her website..
Oh, this is like some little treasure hunt :-) ...Sarah Ress Brennan on Twitter.
I have absolutely no idea who greenleafT22 is, but THANK YOU!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Thanks to (6): Cinta Garcia Rosa

There are so many people who've retweeted my tweets, it would be impossible to individually thank them all, but there are a few who appear more than others, for example...Cinta Garcia de la Rosa!
Thank you, Cinta, for taking the time to retweet my stuff :-)

She no longer seems to have a twitter account, but she DOES have a website...:-)
...and describes herself as 'a silly writer'...oh, the best kind of writer!
Cinta has 10 books, all based on a character called 'Little Nani'

This one hits a funny bone :-) The illustrator is Almudena Romero but I'm not too sure where to find her...

Little Nani and the Flying Muffin (The Funny Adventures of Little Nani)

Little Nani is so bored that she needs to do something about it. Why not baking muffins? In that way she can have a party with her friends. However, anytime that Little Nani tries something, her imperfect magical skills will play some naughty part and things won't have the expected results. However, she will manage to turn the situation to her advantage. 
Get it here!

Little Nani and the Flying Muffin (The Funny Adventures of Little Nani)

Again, a BIG THANK YOU to Cinta!

Thanks to (5): Hunter S Jones

I'd like to say a BIG thank you to writer Hunter S Jones, someone who has shared my stuff on facebook and Goodreads, retweeted my tweets and basically popped up on my facebook wall many times. I've enjoyed our little conversations so far, and she's just one GREAT person! I can't say enough good things! :-)
Her website ( is amazing! She really knows how to market!
As far as I know, she has 6 books out, and her latest book, 'September Ends' has 32 reviews, most 5 stars and sells well (in the top 250,000)...I think I'm up to review it, actually...(cough)

"September Ends"

Here's the Blurb :-)

Sometimes when you believe it’s the end, it’s only the beginning.
A secret betrayal with no time for revenge. The mystery unravels to reveal the magic of love.
September Ends is contemporary fiction with romance, erotic and supernatural elements, bound together by poetry. It reveals the intricate web of passion and desire which entangles Liz Snow, Pete Hendrix and Jack O. Savage. The story is told through Liz Snow’s diary, Jack O. Savage’s poetry, and from letters sent across the Atlantic. Traveling throughout the lushness of a summertime in Tennessee and Georgia, September Ends journeys into the elegance of London’s West End and is finally settled in the countryside of Cornwall, England, a decade later.

September Ends is a story of sin, redemption, and salvation through love, because love happens when we least expect it.

Again, thank you, Hunter! 

Thanks to (4): James Paddock

James Paddock (@jameswriter) somehow got hold of one tweet I sent out about 'Rage' and occasionally tweets that one tweet...and I appreciate it :-)
(Yes, there are more of you out there, I'll get to ya!)
James ( writes..."When James was younger he daydreamed. Now he's a writer, turning daydreams into novels."
He has written a TON of books, including the Sabre Toothed Cat Trilogy, and has a website here...'s profi!
Here's the blurb of his latest...Deserving of Death (

 One might say that CJ Washburn is obsessed with Stella Summers. After all, common sense all but takes flight when she goes missing for a time. How could he not think to check his email or voice mail or not find the note she had left in his apartment? He runs to the scene of a body dump in fear that it is her, possibly the third victim in what appears to be turning into a serial killing rampage.

“And this guy calls himself a private investigator?”

A private investigator he is, and a good one at that. However, women’s bodies keep turning up and by the fourth victim he becomes a person of interest; by the fifth, the prime suspect and the subject of a manhunt from the Idaho panhandle to Southern Arizona. Bodies continue to drop around him until his deepest fear is pushed upon him and his investigative skills are challenged at the highest level. In a message from the killer he learns that the next victim will be one of the women in his life; his daughter, his girlfriend, his attorney or even his ex-wife. Who is the next target of this deranged killer?

Again, thanks, James! :-)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thanks to (3): Jasper T. Scott

Jasper has been a rock. He's been by my side since I published 'Manna-X', and although he has beliefs, he can see that I mean well...which I do..and said so many nice things, keeping me going. He's reviewed a few books, been a beta-reader, allowed me to help him and win myself some Amazon money...he's just 'been there' when I needed someone. Thank you, Jasper T. Scott :-)
Jasper (@JasperTScott) describes himself on twitter as..."Author of Dark Space and other Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Mystery Novels, Husband to darling Wife, and Sometime Actor/Model."
He has a very popular website at and has written 5 books, including the Dark Space Trilogy. He has so many sales that he can now live on his royalties! Yes, he's one of the lucky few!!
Dark Space IV is coming soon!

But here's the Blurb for Dark Space III (Origin)...

 Book 3 of the #1 Best-Selling Space Opera in the UK & #1 Space Fleet in the US--Dark Space
New to the series? Get Dark Space 1 here: & Dark Space 2 here:

Ethan and his son, Atton, have been arrested for high treason and conspiracy, crimes which will surely mean the death sentence, but it's beginning to look like theirs aren't the only lives in jeopardy--the Defiant is stranded in Sythian Space, and the vessel which Commander Caldin sent to get help has used all its fuel to get to Obsidian Station, only to find out that the station has been destroyed. Now the Defiant's last hope for a rescue is gone, and everyone on board is about to die a cold, dark death.
Meanwhile, the notorious crime lord, Alec Brondi, is plotting to capture the remnants of Admiral Hoff's fleet, just as he captured the Valiant, but Hoff's men are on to him, and Brondi is about to get a lot more than he bargained for, forcing him to flee to the one place he knows will be safe--Dark Space.
But Dark Space is only safe because the alien invaders don't know exactly where it is, and now they have a plan to find it which will threaten not only Dark Space, but the entire human race.

Again, thank you, Jasper! :-)

Oh the wonderful things Mr Orbán can do

Just made up a little political statement, Dr. Suess style! Sent it to 'Eleg Volt' on facebook. I wonder if the Secret Police will be knocking on my door soon...:-)

Readers' photos - Dani's Shorts 2 :-)

Sometimes a reader sends me a photo of themselves with one of my paperbacks.
If you'd like to do the same, please send it to @jedlica on twitter :-)
Here's a photo of the ONLY paperback copy of 'Dani's Shorts 2' and its reader (Thanks, Mum) :-)
(there are now over 100 ebook copies worldwide after only 3 weeks - okay, still pretty low, but I'm only a poor little self-publisher with no financial backing)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thanks to (2): Sara Bain

I met Sara Bain on Goodreads, and whenever I have an event on Goodreads, she's there to tell her own community. Thank you Sara Bain (
Sara has her own website...
 ...and her own publishing company!
I found an interview she made, back in November 2013...
And of course, her first book...:-)
"The Sleeping Warrior" (

Here's the Blurb...

LONDON solicitor Libby Butler’s life is in a self-inflicted mess. Her affair with her boss is going nowhere as is her position in the prestigious city law firm where she works. A narrow escape from the knife of south London’s elusive serial murderer, The Vampire Killer, has challenged her outward bravado and left her nerves and personal life in tatters.

When duty calls Libby to a metropolitan police station in the middle of the night, she meets the enigmatic Gabriel Radley. Dressed like an ancient warrior in studded leather armour, Gabriel has a habit of disappearing from police custody and danger appears to dog him.

Gabriel is searching for a 'stone' he has lost, its value 'beyond human imagination', that will help bring a 'monster' to justice. When Libby agrees to help him, she unwittingly plunges her life into a series of disasters and neither she nor any of her friends are safe.

A cult who call themselves The Awakened, a gangland thug and his henchman, a female assassin, a detective chief inspector from Scotland Yard, and even the serial killer, all become inadvertently embroiled in the chase for the stone and the pivotal force of Gabriel.

As the death toll rises, Libby is forced to face herself, learn the true value of life and the potent significance of the Sleeping Warrior within.

Again, because I'm in Eastern Europe, Amazon wants me to buy the book for a whopping $6.77...(ouch) I read the sample (beggars can't be choosers) :-)

Thanks to (1): John T. Sonne :-)

There are a few poeple who help me. I will try to thank each one of them as the weeks go by.
The first up is John T. Sonne. Whenever I have a promo or when something special is on, he's there to 'retweet' it on twitter. Every time. Thank you, John T. Sonne.
John T. Sonne (, living somewhere in the Great American Midwest (USA) describes himself as..."Writer, Father, Husband, & Malcontent."

His first novel, THE SUIT is available exclusively for Kindle (

Here's the blurb on Amazon...
Alan Sorenson is a pawn in the corporate world hanging by his fingernails financially. A road warrior living out of a suitcase; he leaves the family he adores each Monday morning. Alan's descent begins as he is fired from his job due to circumstances of his own making. Instead of facing his dilemma, he goes to ridiculous lengths to hide his failures from the family he adores.

Alan's quest to secure a new job in time to avoid ruining Christmas for his wife and two young sons begins badly and quickly turns surreal. He finds a temporary solution in a local business run by a peculiar old couple. Coerced into playing Mall Santa to atone for his latest transgressions, Alan discovers that he is not the only one with secrets as he is pulled into their world. A serendipitous relationship with the odd little old man provides him with a solution to all of his troubles.

With scant resources and deteriorating sanity, he must choose between leaving the world that led him to his current situation and joining the old man in a confederacy of philanthropy. If he can learn to trust his heart and the old man, a wonderful new life is his for the taking. Despite his best efforts to sabotage his own recovery, a magical happy ending awaits.

The Suit expands the Christmas myth to finally provide an explanation for the mystery of how Santa Claus makes it to all of those homes in a single night. This heartfelt tale combines humor, suspense and just enough Christmas magic to create a world where anything is possible if we rely on our human instincts and quit trying to please all of the wrong people.

I'd buy it at the $2.99 it says, but when I want to buy it, the price goes up to $6.34! (ouch).
I read the sample...I bit 'tell' rather than 'show' but a good start! :-)

Once again, Thank you, John T. Sonne!

Manna-X promo news

Okay, while I was sleeping, a few more people downloaded 'Manna-X' for free...
Thank you to all who did :-) I hope you enjoy the read (hehe). Perhaps even put a nice little 4/5 star review on Amazon...maybe.
Yes, 'TDX2', 'Dani's Shorts' and 'Dani's Shorts 2' are ALWAYS free on Smashwords here... there's no need to buy them. A review or two wouldn't hurt :-)

70% through my first edit of 'How to'...looking SOOO good!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Challenge 55 - ZOMBIES!!!!! :-)

Wow, it's good to write a Zombie story every now and then! Here's my personal take on TIW Challenge 55. Hope you like it !
(oh, Manna-X is FREE today (March 7th 2014)

"Pimp my ride, Sonny!"

(elements - coyote, snow plow, 1936 Chevy Corvette, the Zombie Apocalypse)

The TV blazed on, loud and strong, repeating the same report over and over again.
"Grandpa! Can you shut it off? There's nothing new! They'll keep repeating that thing until their power's gone! And you're wasting our electricity!"
Grandpa had run out of batteries for his hearing aid days ago and kept turning the TV on for more news about the situation. The generator had a few more days in it so he couldn't feel the change, this zombie 'apocalyse'. My parents had sent me here to Grandpa's place, a remote house outside of town, as soon as it began. I hadn't heard from them for a fortnight, I suspected the worst.
"What's that, sonny? The TV's too loud!"
"Turn it off!" I ran upstairs and switched it off. "Grandpa, they can hear us, okay?"
"Eh? Who's that, sonny?" He shuffled over to the TV in his comfy slippers, ready to put it back on.
"The zombies, Grandpa!" I spotted one climbing over the fence and took Grandpa's pump action shotgun, opened the window and aimed. Headshot. Then I saw them.
"Grandpa! Err...I think we've gotta get out of here!" A handful of cartridges weren't enough to stop what was walking down the road towards us.
"Eh? Oh, visitors, and so many!" Nothing wrong with his eyesight. "Gimme that." He grabbed the shotgun and took out one more. "Ah, I've still got it. Sonny? Let's go."
It took ten minutes to get to the garage door. Grandpa stopped.
"Grandpa?" Another came close. Headshot.
"Shhh, I'm peeing."
"Okay, okay, sonny." He opened the door to reveal his old snow plow, unused for over 20 years.
"What the...? Grandpa! That thing doesn't run!"
"Ah, but this one does." He shuffled further back into the garage and there it was, a small red sports car.
"What's that, Grandpa?" Headshot. Five more cartridges.
"A 1936 Chevy Corvette." We jumped into the two seater.
"1936? Isn't that a bit old, Grandpa?"
"Yes. They only started making them in 1953."
"What?" Four.
"This is a 'hybrid', sonny. Back in 1936, me and my guys took a Coupe and suped it up with a 1933 Bugatti Grand Prix engine we 'borrowed' and brought over to the US. My, was that Fitzroy Somerset angry!" Grandpa laughed and hit the pedal, crushing two zombies under the wheels as we left. We headed out towards his fishing hut at the lake, hidden on an island.
"Are you telling me you 'pimped' an old Chevy Coupe?" It ran superbly.
"Pimp my ride, sonny!" He pushed the pedal down and we flew through the bends. In a few moments we arrived at the lake.
"Wow, Grandpa, that was...!" His body lay slumped on the dashboard. "Thanks, Grandpa." He'd given his last to save me. I laid him back into his seat.
While rowing across to the island, I glanced over to my new home. On the bank stood a lone coyote, watching intently.
"Just you and me now, ol' buddy."

FREE today, Manna-X - weird yet entertaining :-)

FREE today, Manna-X!
Weird, crazy, insane, ENTERTAINING....YES!
Please come and pick up a copy, maybe even add to the rave reviews

Got another 'comment' from a writer in authonomy about 'Manna-X' it is...

God, angels, and soul collectors work in a modern-day-style beraucratic workplace. Okay, weird. Hey, how did that man in chapter one survive two years in a hole? Well anyway, I thought the encounter between Moses and God was hilarious. So this was the use of the Manna-X machine! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

One more time...the drawing with background :-)

I tried one more time with the 'One Moose' picture, drew the fat moose again and put some Dr. Suess background in. It's looks a little better, but still amateurish. I have absolutely no idea how I'd do the rest of the poem (see below).

One Moose (reposted here)
One moose, two moose, fat moose, thin moose.
Some are very small, while others seem quite tall. Oh, let's have a ball!
Some are old, and some are bold. Some have colds and some have mould.
Why do some have colds and mould? I guess it won't be told.
Some are happy, some are snappy. This one has a little nappy.
Here are some who like to chat, here are some who like big hats.
Here are some who like to scat, here are some who have pet rats.
Some have great clothes, others have big toes.
Some like to compose, others, well, who knows?
Some are funny, some have money, some like little furry bunnies.
Some have short tails, some have long nails, some like swimming with the blue whales.
This one's name is Tom, he loves to take his Mom to go and see the Prom.
This one's name is Fred, he loves his comfy bed to rest his weary head.
Why does Fred love his bed? I guess because it's cherry red.
None of them is like the other, they all grew up with diff'rent mothers.
So come along and see the moose, but don't forget the orange juice.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

First drawing in 30 years...think I'll stick to writing

I thought I'd have a go at drawing, the first time in 30 years. I think I need to practise a bit more. A bit amateurish and wrong, but hey! It was worth a try. Perhaps I'll try copying some of Dr. Suess' fish or something. Moose are about the hardest things EVER! Tried to use Dr. Suess colours, too.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Almost Human

Just watched the 1st episode of 'Almost Human''s on about episode 12 or 13 now. I'm not American, okay, I can't watch it on TV...anyway...this is good-ish. Enjoyable. Okay, it's the same old stuff, but at least someone is trying to make something sci-fi on TV. A good try.

Bring back Star Trek, that's what I say!

My TIW Challenge 54 take

Keeping up with TIW. Thought I'd write in the style of the BBC, when comedy heads get together and come up with nothing and call it surreal...:-) NOT like Spike Milligan, he could come up with the goods almost EVERY time!

My Challenge 54 take..."BBC Surreal Satire at its worst"

Charley watched as the new arrivals landed and queued up for passport control. Unfortunately, he hadn't felt well for days and this was his first day back after a week of illness. After ducking down to take a glass of water, he came back up to see that the first arrival through was a 6' watermelon carrying a purple rucksack.
"Err...good day."
"Good day." The 6' watermelon passed Charley an EU passport.
"Is, err, is this your passport?" asked Charley, a little confused.
"Why, yes, it is. Anything wrong?" The watermelon scratched its head.
"I've just come back from a scrapbooking convention in Phoenix, Arizona, you know? Very enjoyable, very nice."
Scrapbooking convention? Sounded awful, a bunch of old girls with photos.
"Sir…" He called a watermelon sir? "This picture is not you."
"Sorry? What? Not me? What do you mean?"
"The picture in your passport doesn't match your present appearance." How could it?
"Of course it's me, who else could it be? That's my passport."
"Your passport?" Charley looked at him, shiny and clean, probably extraordinarily juicy inside.
"Yes, that's my passport and my picture!" The watermelon stamped its 'feet'. Charley scrutinised the picture more.
"But this picture looks like Walter Koenig, aka Ensign Chekov from the Original Star Trek Series. In fact, I'm sure this IS a photo of Walter Koenig, aka Ensign Chekov from the Original Star Trek Series cut out of a magazine." He showed it to the watermelon, holding it up against the inside of his glass cubicle.
"Oh yes, really, I do see a similarity of sorts…" confessed the watermelon.
"I'm afraid I'm going to have to call airport security." Charley moved to his intercom and went to hit the buttons but the watermelon, now sweating, pushed itself against the cubicle.
"Look, you've gotta help me. There's a particularly unfriendly cuccumber back there I'm trying to get away from. I'm sure he's after me, I'm sure he's after my pips." Both Charley and the watermelon looked down the line, and there it was, a large 8' tall cuccumber waiting in the long queue, menacingly staring at them.
"Sir…" Again with the sir? "I'm trying to do my job here and if you have a grievience with any of your fellow passengers then please take it up with either them or your airline service supplier. My problem is that this picture is not you, it is Walter Koenig who played Ensign Chekov in the Original Star Trek Series, and not that there is an 8' tall cuccumber in the queue behind who is after your pips."
"Oh, alright, it's a fair cop, guv'nor. I got that picture at the convention."
"Thank you, sir. Now I'll just contact airport security and we…"
The watermelon was off, running across the hall of cubicles, looking for a way out of the terminal, bashing into people and falling over baggage.
"Not another watermelon, eh?" said Charley's colleague.
"Yeah. It's strange, you usually only see them at the weekends."