Thursday, March 31, 2016

Excelsior! Out now! #JasperTScott

Jasper T. Scott's new book is out! New book, new series!
I also get a mention in the acknowledgements :-)
"Also special credit goes to [...] Dani J. Caile, who has eyes like an eagle when it comes
to typos."
Get it here! It's a great sci-fi thriller! Cheap too!

Sunday, March 27, 2016


A busy week or two... thanks to those idiot suicide bombers in Brussels, we now have armed policemen everywhere. Any excuse to show some force and scare the citizens of this little country..."You see! We are under attack! Run to your homes! Support the Megalomaniac who runs your country!"
AND they passed that law which allows the PM and the President to spend the citizens money any which way they please IN SECRET.
The place is falling apart. Walk out in the street and you'd think nothing has changed, except for a few machine guns. Everything has changed.
Anyway...yes, the Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 172 in up!
I'm also in the 2016 Iron Writer Winter Open...later...
Here's WQ 172 up on the website....

And here is my 'take'...

WQ172 - image above, infatuation, a mechanical failure, windfall

"Stop your incessant infatuation with Manhatten, alright?" screamed XC23567, poking her finger into the map.
"But I love the greenness, look at it, it's so, so GREEN!" said FB45235. "I want it, I want it so much!"
"In your dreams, FB45235. Now, go back to planning the destruction of California and forget the Big Apple!" XC23567 pushed FB45235 away from the board.
"The Big Apple? I'm not hungry," said FB45235, confused and eating his pencil.
"You want Manhatten but you don't know they call New York 'the Big Apple'? You don't deserve Manhatten! Get back to work!" She pushed him again, only for him to turn around and give a knowing grin.
"But I can pay for it, see?" FB45235 pulled out a crate of EE457 circuits from under his desk.
"On my cables! Where did you get those?" XC23567 had never seen so many all in one place.
"A windfall, from my mother's side."
"What? the FB4 or the 235? I...I don't understand. Mother?" XC23567 began to smoke.
"You will understand very soon," said FB45235, grabbing an EE457 circuit and giving it to XC23567, causing her to have a mechanical failure. "At last! Manhatten is mine!" he laughed.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Referendum Run update - CORRUPTION

The evidence of corruption at the highest levels is building up every day.
Remember the 'Referendum Run' on the 23rd February 2016? The main Opposition Party wanted to hand in a question to the National Election Commitee to create a referendum to get the shops back open on Sundays.
Note: Life is hard without Sunday opening. As a parent, I find little time to go shopping, working through the week, getting the children to their separate extra-curriculum activities, and Saturday can be filled with many other things, like events, family gatherings, college, whatever. Sunday would give a 'breather' to an already hectic life. But no, the Government decided to close them to allow us all to go to church...WTF? I don't give a shit about religion, I think....OK, tangent there...
Anyway, thanks to Camera 5 and Camera 7 on the street of that fateful morning, EVERYONE can see that about 15 thugs, all working together, stopped the Opposition Party members from entering the building to hand in their question before the 'old lady who just happens to be the wife of a pro-Government Town Mayor' (see Camera 7 here)
In fact, the thugs begin collecting at 4.10am...surely the Police driving by could see something was happening...the Opp. Party members arrive at 5:55am, while the 'white-haired old lady' arrives at 6:45am, 15 minutes before the office opens.
Budapest Beacon has a good rundown about the times...
They also mention that these videos were NOT ALLOWED to be SEEN in the meeting when the National Election Committee approved the 'old lady''s "keep the shops closed" question.
Because they blantantly show that these thugs allowed the 'old lady' to push in front of them and blocked the Opp. Party members?
The video shows that these thugs had no intention of doing anything other than acting as a wall...imagine the scene, you've been waiting behind about 15 big guys for 50 minutes, along comes an 'old lady' with another guy, who's pushed behind the group of big guys BUT is still in front of you, THEN when the office opens, the 'old lady' sneaks in and the big guys don't scream and shout about the fact that she pushed in front of them? Then, only after the 'old lady' has given in her paperwork, you can enter the building... to find you cannot hand it in.
Corruption. On a large scale.
1. The group of thugs (security guards at Fradi football stadium) and their boss (pro-Government) should be imprisoned for obstruction.
2. The Opposition Party should be allowed to hold a referendum on whether shops should be open on Sundays.
THAT is democratic. Of course, this little country hasn't got a democratic bone in its body, but there you go...

Maher for President + WQ171

Bill Maher hit the nail on the head.
We are now living with "The Trophy Syndrome". For example, the year behind us in school had the 'all brand new' GCSE, with its project work and 'end exam meaning only a small proportion of the whole'. It's not surprising that a ton of stupid kids left school with double the qualifications than us.
And everyone praises for nothing. Judo competitions are the best, everyone wins.

Anyway, rant, about a little 200 word Weekend Quickie?...171!

See it here at the website...
Or see it here :-)

WQ171 - image above, a brief encounter, Melancholy, expectations

"That looks like a wig," said the spectacled gentlemen in the tweed jacket.
"What does?" Geoffrey was surprised and taken aback by this odd man's remark. He'd spent eight years at the Littleborough University of Fine Arts and Design studying Contemporary Art and Papier Mâché Handicraft only for some snotty 'know-it-all' to come along and debase his latest masterpiece?
"Those clouds. Tell me, sir, are you suffering from melancholy?" The man pressed his spectacles to the top of the bridge of his nose.
"Well, no, not really, but maybe I do feel a bit under the weather," replied Geoffrey: How was he to deal with such a man? Should he agree with the buffoon or stand up to him? "I say, may I inquire your name?" He crossed his arms and took a step back. The man merely huffed and gave the picture on the wall one more glance.
"I did so have great expectations when I entered, but now..."
"Excuse me?" asked Geoffrey. Who was this barbarian who knew nothing of Contemporary Art?
"No matter, it was but a brief encounter. The briefest, I add."
And he was gone, out of the gallery and down the street. The philistine!

History is about remembering why!

Why do we continue to spiral on, doing the same things over and over again?
Education of our history.
History isn't about dates and places, it's about people and who said what and who did what and the most important thing is WHY?
For example, WHY did Hitler do what he did? (this picture is from the holocaust of WWII)
WHY have millions of people been killed throughout history in the name of 'whatever it was', be it country, religion, a god?
Because we don't learn. History.
Life is a spiral but we must move UP the spiral and the only way is to look back at our history and try to understand the reasons WHY...and THEN NOT REPEAT THEM!
Unfortunately, the USA hasn't learnt their lesson...look at Trump.
And then there's my little host country....I wonder when the holocaust will begin here?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ooops! Scratched it! Corruption at its best! #RT #SHARE

Demonstration against 'Dodgy' Council Property Sales (January 2015)
Photo: Gábor Szabó-

OK, so, here's the latest piece of OBVIOUS CORRUPTION over here in this little country. It's so 'slap my face but you must joking' kinda transparently corrupt. It's 'bang your head against a brick wall and watch the stupids walk by' kinda dumb.
Here it is in the original language...
And here's my attempt at translating the news...I was going to say 'story' but then you'll think it's not real...took a while to read goes...
The Mayor of the Budapest 5th District back in 2006-2014 made some very dodgy property sales in the name of the local council, selling buildings at 30%-50% discount to some 'flyboys' that can only be described as 'gangsters/criminals' and who then sold the properties on in a short period of time at double the price they got them for. The lease periods were also long-term leases and these short-term sales were incorrect.
A member of an Opposition Party drew attention to this, and the former Mayor started a lawsuit against him. In the lawsuit, this Opposition Party member asked for the files which showed all these transactions to be included in his evidence.
Funnily enough, while in the hands of the Police, the CD which contained ALL of the information (800 sales) was 'accidentally' destroyed...corrupted, as they say...LOL.
Apparently there is no copy of this CD, and the time to re-collect all this information again from the 5th district council cannot be calculated, and they keep postponing the lawsuit.
It's a farce. Really. Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt. The former Mayor is corrupt, the Police are corrupt, (the legal system is corrupt too because they tried something as well but I couldn't understand that bit).
The CD's corrupt, too!
This former Mayor is now spokesman for the political party in power and doing well. They're all doing well. That certain short person in charge with no property and no need to pay tax on nothing is living quite well on 155+ hectares of land in a small village next to the village with the useless football stadium and soon-to-be-built tourist small railway which will have a longer line if anyone complains about it...
...can you believe all this? Unfortunately, it's all true.

"One Star Reviews of the Afterlife" - Short story coming out soon!

New Short Story in this nice book here "One Star Reviews of the Afterlife", one of my favourite topics...Blog Tour coming, an interview with the editor, Giovanni Valentino, Editor in Chief at Strange Musings Press...!

What is it about? Well, here you go...

As you shuffle off this mortal coil, many things will go through your mind. Will you be remembered well? Did you live the best life you could? Did you leave the iron on? And most importantly, did you remember to delete your browser history recently? But the big question that will finally hit you full on, is there something after all of this? And if so, will it suck? If only Yelp! had a category for the afterlife.
Here is a collection of humorous tales of the afterlife that covers the I.T. woes of Heaven, the dangers involved in using out-of-date occult tools, the perils of not saving appropriately for the hereafter, the shock of finding out that not every good deed will get you through the pearly gates and the cold hard fact that paradise just isn’t for everyone.

So go to the light at your own peril.
It could be life everlasting, or it could be an oncoming train.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

100 Free downloads! + Daffodil the dog

"Dani's Shorts 5" has finally hit 100 FREE downloads! I hope someone reads it.
AND someone read 3 pages of "Rage of Atlantis" on KENP! Oh, the "Big Time"...let me rest after that excitement...
Oh yes, Daffodil... the name of a certain person's dog. Now, because of the law in this country, this dog has a chip which shows where it is. Its home. Strange. How can that place be its home? This huge place is owned by a company... of the father of this certain person. The estates around this estate are owned by friends and associates of this certain person. Hundreds of millions of Forints have gone into these estates in recent years in building and renovation. This certain person goes to these estates during the week. This certain person has no property... at least that's what this certain person's tax return says. Mmmm, whatever could it mean?

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Government Roaming Free + Weekend Quickie 170

One week has passed since I last posted and so much has happened here in my little host country.
Not only are we an 'illiberal democracy' (translation - dictatorship), not only is our Little Mussolini feeding his friends and family with the citizens' and EU's money, ...
1. ...we are now in a 'state of emergency' due to the migration crisis...'s not here anymore, by the way...that's just an excuse. Now TEK (the secret police created to deal with whatever the Government sees fit) can do whatever they want. And they are. For example, March the 15th is a commemoration of the 1848-49 revolution. TEK will close the area around the National Museum (the place where it all began) from the Hungarian public and only allow those invited into the ceremony/speech, ie. 4000 Polish facists and some Government supporters.
TEK will then attack any protestors who get within a sniff of the place. Or the Polish. Whichever.
After that, the country's their plaything. They can bust into anyone's home in the name of 'security' and destroy their life. Freedom, huh? None.
2. ...the Government has passed a law stating that the public (and Parliament) cannot ask for any information regarding the way their tax money is being used by the country. Yes, that means they can do whatever they like with the country's money and no one will know anything about it. 900 Billion Forints. And more. In their pockets and no one would know.

So now the country is under Martial Law and Little Mussolini can do whatever he wishes with the country's money. It started with Media Censorship and stealing Private Pensions and now we're at the end. Just waiting for the Russians to come in now once the economy collapses and Little Mussolini has escaped to some remote island in the Pacific. Someone get him a straitjacket.

Oh! Here's the Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 170!
Website here...

WQ170 - 200 words. Image above, a fire, climbed a palm tree, discombobulated

"I don't think you should've climbed that palm tree," said Monkey One. "You look a little discombobulated."
Monkey Two checked the mirror in the Men's toilet. "Funny, the mirror says I look fine."
"No, you're not. For one thing, you're combing your chest hair with a toothbrush. Secondly, there isn't a mirror, only graffiti on the wall above the sink that says 'You look fine'. Thirdly..." said Monkey One.
"Really?" Monkey Two felt a little shaky on his legs.
"I think you should go see the doctor," stated Monkey One.
"No way!" replied Monkey Two. "I'm fine, see?" He pointed to the graffiti. "It's written on the wall."
"My point entirely. Come on, let's go." Monkey Two grabbed his arm but Monkey One held his ground. "You fell from the palm tree, you need to see the doctor."
"I'm fine!"
"No, you're not!"
"Just what in the hell makes you so sure I'm not fine? The wall says I am!"
"Well, the thing that tells me beyond any reasonable doubt you are not fine is that your hair on your head is on fire and you don't know it."
"Ahh, yes. Ahhh!" said Monkey Two, running out of the toilet.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Weekend Quickie 169

It's nice to write. Working on the next book. 11,000+ words. Looking good.
Oh, and here's WQ169! It's very nice :-)

WQ169 - (200 words, image above, a faux pas, a mail order bride, a back-handed compliment)

"Come here often?" he asked the girl who was dressed as a Chicken McNugget.
"Only on a Tuesday," she replied.
They sat overlooking the beach and watched the waves crashing against the long-forgotten and decrepit skyscrapers of yesteryear. The others were almost asleep, the party calming down after too much to drink and too little to eat.
"So, why the costume?" he asked.
"Why so many goddamn questions!" she retorted.
"Ooo, touchy." The noise of the waves gradually overcame any noises from the campfire behind.
"Sorry," she said. "Someone told me it was fancy dress tonight."
"Like you can have a fancy dress party after the Apocalypse. Nice costume, though."
He glanced over to her as the shine from the half moon hit her face. "You're so pretty..."
"Thank you," she said, smiling over to him.
"...for your size."
Her smile disappeared and she crossed her arms, creasing her McNugget and making it bulge in all the wrong places.
"So, what were you before... all this?" He motioned his hand across the destruction of the whole human civilisation.
"A mail-order bride," she said with a snark.
"Pages 45 through to 70?" he asked.
It's amazing how fast ground travels.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

They are now 'Slapping the Shit'! please #SHARE #RT

Seems I only post politics nowadays...hang's NOT politics, it's LIFE.
Politics is dull, uninteresting, but unfortunately, it's a system we created so we don't have to deal with the everyday running of our lives. Unfortunately, as soon as politics was created, in came its soul brother 'corruption'.  Nothing we can do except GIVE A SHIT  and make sure no dipshit loser who thinks he/she's God can get in and control a country... that would be Trump in the USA. We already have our crazy dictator here.

A few of the Unbelieveable things which happened this far...

The Government has accepted to close their new administrative 'department' in the Education system (KLIK) and create a 'brand new' one... I think they should call it DICK.
This move is of course...
1. a way to show voters that they're doing something about the problem they have with Education (which it isn't);
2. a way to INCREASE CORRUPTION by charging double for all the changes they'll make for it to happen. They did it before when they created KLIK. "Slapping the shit" (an old Hungarian it out, imagine the scene...)

There are also plans to make ALL GOVERNMENT SPENDING SECRET...
as the Big Man said...     
                                     "when they give us the money, it's not theirs anymore. Why do they need to know what we do with it"      
                                            ...great words. Dick.
 The tax payers will not know what the Government will spend the country's money on. This is BLATANT CORRUPTION, or TRANSPARENT CORRUPTION on the largest scale possible.

Money matters for the Government. Politics don't. There aren't any. It's a dictatorship, no need to be political about anything. When ONE PERSON is calling the shots, there is no place for politics... and no place for citizens.

When's the Revolution? Looks like these people will never move. When the Government have squeezed the last forint out of the country, the citizens and the EU, and sold it all to the Russians, maybe THEN the people will move. But then it'll be too late.