Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An interview with my daughter??? Manna-X

Had a strange few minutes the other day. My daughter came up to me and asked me a few questions and it felt like an interview...
Daughter: What you doing?
Me: I'm checking typos in my new book.
Daughter: What new book?
Me: Manna-X. My latest reviewer said he found a few things, I'm just checking them out.
Daughter: What is it about?
Me: ...good question.
Daughter: You don't know?
Me: know you like Kinder Surprise?
Daughter: Yes. Can I have one?
Me: Later. Well, what happens when you get one?
Daughter: I open it up. [Other daughter] eats the chocolate and I get the toy. Is there one in the drawer?
Me: No. And then?
Daughter: I have a toy. What's in the drawer?
Me: Not much. Then what do you do with it, the Kinder toy?
Daughter: I play with it.
Me: For about 2 minutes, yeah.
Daughter: Daddy, can we go to the playground? kinda broke off after that but the point is...[spoiler]...and in 'Waiting for Godot'...[spoiler]...and in 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead'...[spoiler], if you're intrigued to know the connection, maybe you should read 'Manna-X' and see it for could change the way you see things :-)

Another great 5 star review coming :-) ...soon...

Friday, July 26, 2013

Yet another GREAT review of Manna-X

Yet another GREAT review of 'Manna-X' from Toni Dare, a fantastic writer. (On, and Goodreads)
(Anonymous' review is wonderful, but it has 4 stars, kinda breaks up the set...if only she knew that Alicia is partly based on her...)
Well, here's Toni's review :-)

5.0 out of 5 stars Gripping prose leaves you wanting more July 26, 2013
By Avvia
Format:Kindle Edition
A wickedly satirical poke at the origins of man with a Darwinian bent. Caile presents readers with the concept of overlords - more like absentee landlords who are entrenched in their own notions of superiority - whose responsibility it is to observe and police the physical world. Quick to punish underlings for rule infractions and deride humans as primates, their underwhelming attempts at managing score an epic fail. A journey into physicality - the human world - highlights their hubris as they fumble around unable to assimilate the reality of the world they oversee.

Yet another Iron Writer Challenge...

Yes, I'm up for another Iron Writer, Challenge 23.
I hope you can vote for it, wherever you are. You can even clear your cache and vote again. Maybe another browser or computer will do it too :-) Not that I'm putting any ideas in your heads :-)
Written 25 Iron Writer stories, now I'm waiting for the next 3 Challenges and I'll put them all out in a compilation for free on Smashwords. I've just been reading a few and modesty stops me from telling you how good they, it didn't :-)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Short stories

Written over twenty 500 word stories based on the Iron Writer elements now, every one of them a corker.
Some are comical, some are tragi-comical while others are parodies...there's even an 'epitaph', well, dialogue story based on the antics of my 2 wonderful but sadly deceased glassfish. Now all I have to do is wait a month to collect 6 months of elements, write the last few remaining stories and 'publish' it on Smashwords for FREE...yes, I said for FREE.
Waiting on a few 'Manna-X' reviews...and possibly 1 Man by a tree and 1 Bethlehem Fiasco (I think that one's going to take a while...)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

4th review of 'Manna-X' on Amazon!

Read this review...isn't it so fantastic? Elizabeth A Lance is another very talented writer and I feel honoured that she was able to read and then review my book 'Manna-X'. She's also just bought 'Man by a tree' - I guess because she says she fell in love with Graham :-) ...rings a bell...
Out of 5 reviews (4 on, 3 on (2 repeats))...four 5 stars and one 4 star!
5.0 out of 5 stars Captivating and extremely entertaining!, July 21, 2013
This review is from: Manna-X (Kindle Edition)
I had no idea what to expect when I received a copy of Manna X, but I am so glad I read this quirky and entertaining book! The characters were hilarious, from the befuddled God [Reginald] to the bumbling Sniff and Grint, you just can't help but love each and every character in this story! My favorite characters though were Lucifer~Don't call me Luci ( he was just perfect) And Graham, I really sort of fell in love with Graham aka Mr. Death. As soon as my contract is up, I fully expect to meet him on the other side! Alicia, too, was just the right touch as the human character in the story. I don't want to give too much away, but if you have a sense of humor and aren't too much of a religious fanatic, you will really enjoy this brilliantly told tale. It was a quirky and entertaining read that so captivated my imagination I read it straight through because I couldn't put it down! Well done Mr. Caile! I am very much looking forward to reading more of your work!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Chances, Changes and Ranks

Newspaper Article Chance
Had a few e-mails from a newspaper in England yesterday, but nothing since then. Who knows, huh?
The 'Reginald' Change...
TDX2 has been changed, Manna-X has finally been changed, and Rage, Bethlehem Fiasco and Man by a tree are all edited, and will be going through the process soon.
Looked up my Amazon Author Rating...I was 88,702 at the beginning of July :-) (Kindle 44,259!) that's when I had some sales ...but right now I'm at 388,930 (Kindle 161,544), slipping from a high point of 101,044. Oh, to stay in the top 100,000...such a dream!
But hang on, it gets better.... Literature & Fiction: Top:18,412 Now: 87,650...Science Fiction & Fantasy : Top: 6,287 Now: 16,749...Fantasy: Top: 2,704 Now: 10,234
My word, I like those if I can just get a decent number of sales...:-)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

3rd review on for 'Manna-X'

Here's the 3rd review for 'Manna-X' from one of my loyal readers :-) Thanks!
See it here ( along with the others or below...

5.0 out of 5 stars Manna-X 16 July 2013
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
Another of Dani J Caile's fantastic tales of the "other world"
Time has no boundaries in the quest for the Manna-X, with wonderful adventures across the centuries for the heaven and hell teams we have met in his earlier books.
As with all of Dani's work, vibrant dialogue brings the story to life, painting a vivid picture of the search and trials with bureaucracy met with along the way.
Great characters, great dialogue, great plot, great read.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Comment about 'Manna-X' (authonomy 16 July 2013)

It's all happening...
Got 100 votes (so far) for my 500 word story in the Iron Writer Summer Open. 3rd place in my group of 4, though...the leader has 144 votes, but he's been in the writing business for over 30 years! Not my first 'loss'...

Anyway, got a nice comment on from a...
Charles Knightley...

Dani J Caile

A fast paced prologue which hooked me. The next few chapter were full of wry humour, but what have you got against Tom Cruise? Your scenes with God and Michael with Gabriel and then Moses was a laugh.
In chapter three, by bipedals did you mean bipeds? Or is there some hidden meaning?
All in all a good read which has been very well written and I've highly starred.

Charles Knightley
The Secret of Netley Abbey

(at No.4, ready for the Editor's Desk!)

New review of 'Man by a tree' July 2013

Just added the comment made by my favourite Literature tutor as a review on Man by a Tree here..

But, of course, here it is anyway...
5.0 out of 5 stars Review from Literature tutor January 11, 2013
Hidden away in the comments is a paragraph from my favourite Literature tutor from college which was written in July 2013 (she's got a phD in Literature, you know...:-))

"Man by a Tree is a novel containing all the required ingredients of a good storyline within the genre of fantasy literature. For readers who enjoy witty humour, lots of dialogue, a host of supernatural elements (angels, hobgoblins, devils, etc.) and continuous action, this is certainly a good read. Once started it is impossible to put down. I highly recommend it to all who want to enjoy a light summer read that manages to relieve stress. It's fun."
..and she also wrote elsewhere...
"I would give a 5 for this one." I did :-)

She also wrote this about Bethlehem Fiasco (she's halfway through)...
"Not's like a biblical story made into a cocktail drink..."
I think that's the best quote yet!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stage 1: Iron Writers Summer Open Update

Looks like I lose, probably get 4th place too, but at this moment in time with 4 days left...
1st place - 105 - A guy who's been writing since 1977, tons of books, tons of readers/groups
2nd place - 78 - nice story
3rd place - 63 - me, with a really great story about the BBC
4th place - 48 - nice story
So, Iron Writer is 'who you know' and not 'what you know'...
Just been to England for 2 weeks, read a bit, watched a bit, went to a few places, such as the House of Commons to watch a debate, it was very interesting but their'd expect them to be better than that. Madame Ts toilets were the worst, you pay a lot of money to get in and then get a cupboard for a toilet.
Reading "Black Elk Speaks", and "Dark Space2", and a few other ebooks ATM.
Waiting on some more reviews...
My favourite Literature lecturer read 'Man by a tree' the other week, and thought it was good, she caught most of the classics in it and said..."Once started I just couldn't put it down, I had this
uncontrollable urge to keep going."

She'd give a 5 star when/if she writes a review :-)
And you? How are you doing with my books?
DO you have any thoughts on my 500 word stories? I will be bringing out a cluster of them for FREE on Smashwords later.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

3rd review of 'Manna-X' :-)

A 3rd review on, from Anonymous - I can guess who it is, thank you.

Here it is, so true...(4 stars! Come on!)

4.0 out of 5 stars It's worth reading, July 12, 2013
This review is from: Manna-X (Paperback)
This is the kind of book that makes one reader say to another 'It's worth reading'. (Except if the particular reader is a catholic priest with no sense of humour.)
The book never takes itself/anything too seriously (not even the Bible). It both imitates and makes fun of today's popular fiction (The Da Vinci Code, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo etc.) at the same time. However, imitation does not turn into copying any of them, on the contrary, Manna-X has a plot that is original and entertaining enough to make you want to read the whole story without taking a break.
Making allusions to modern bestsellers and paying homage to great literary classics do not exclude each other in the book: the author is obviously a great admirer of Beckett's Waiting for Godot...
No page without a joke, no biblical character or event that is interpreted in the usual way. Surprising, innovative style, at some points downright provocative. (Moses loved animals....)
So, read this book. And then, pass it on. It's worth reading.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stage 1 : Summer Open Iron Writer Competition

Another competition! Please come and read and vote (for Dani J Caile :-))
I really need the votes...and my story is the best!
You should also go and vote for my colleague Tannis Laidlaw here...

If I can get through Stage 1, then I have a chance of a little advertising and a FREE book cover!
So, message around, ask your friends, we're both up against people with a LOT of friends...I don't think I'll get through this 1st stage, but we can but try...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New interview online (by Clive Eaton)

Yes, yet another interview, this time about 'Manna-X' and tons of other things like 'genre' and 'writing process'. It's definitely worth a look :-) But then I would say that, wouldn't I?

The Iron Writer Summer Open will begin in a day or two. I'll post the link to those stories I feel need your support. I could win a little exposure and a FREE book cover! (though I doubt it, I'll need a lot of support)...good 500 word story, though.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Long time, no post...

Been travelling to the homeland this last week or two, still there...
I've got a 'Guest Post' on Laurence O'Bryan's website called "Why write at all"...
I'm also in the Summer Open for the Iron Writer Challenge, I don't think I'll go through to the Summer Final, I've been put in a table with 3 authors who know more people than me...:-( My story is great, of course, mainly dialogue and plays around with the BBC and religion/old boy network, and also a little dig at Prudential, calling them 'Crudential' (crude, if ya didn't get it...well, okay, crap Pru, then).
One reader finished 'Manna-X', a young student, and she loved the book, especially the 4 overlords, the relationship between Satan and Lucifer, the...etc, etc :-) Thank you for reading it, Dia :-)
Maybe you guys and girls should read it too :-)