Friday, June 29, 2012

Kang Dee the Dolphin on fb

Kang Dee is now on facebook, she'll say a few things now and then, especially lecturing one liners.
Well, all 3 books are out, plus a new compilation for the price of 2.
Nothing much more to do except advertise wherever and whenever I can, for nothing, of course.
Always looking for a publisher, books in shops sell, books on the internet don't, I don't have any connections, but the people I know are nice to me, sometimes adding a review here or there. Thanks.
If I get hit by a tram tomorrow, I know my stuff is out there, that someone from the family or an acquaintence will read them.
Maybe one day there will be success...

3 books for the price of 2! The Trilogy book ready

Well, the Trilogy is ready together in one book, 420 pages, slightly smaller font.
Man by a tree, The Bethlehem Fiasco and The Rage of Atlantis, all in one book.
Here at my eStore

At the price of 2 books!! (One book free!)

And it is available on Amazon too!
The Trilogy

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Competition! Win books!

Okay, well, here it is! Competition! Free signed books! (for a little bit of work, of course. I'm poor, ya see)
Available....4 books...

2 The Rage of Atlantis
1 Man by a tree
1 The Bethlehem Fiasco
...all signed and dedicated to you....

So, rules....answer the 10 questions using my blog, website ( or the 1st 2 books. Some questions are open ended, some need some thinking, while others are easy.
Write your answers to the 'contact' page on my website (
With your 10 answers, please mention which book/s you have (if at all).
The best entries will receive the books. If you don't know an answer, the chances are no one else does, so you could still win a book :-) I might find that I only get a few entries and a few correct answers -  whatever, these 4 books will go to someone....eventually.

1. What did I enter which started me writing, and how long did it take me to write the 1st manuscript? (easy)
2. Give 5 reasons why the 1st book is called 'Man by a tree' - the 5th can be worked out from 'Egyptian wood' on the blog. (not so easy)
3. When was Graham Reader alone by trees (two occasions)? (easy if you read a book)
4. What are the 5 things 'The Bethlehem Fiasco' are about? (easy)
5. What are the 6 largest and therefore most used words on the 'Wordled' quotes of MBAT? (very easy)
6. Why is there a 'Swear Free Zone' label on all the books, and why don't I use swear words? (opened ended, that last bit :-))
7. 'The Olmecian Infestation' - which book is it from, who survived it, and what is it about? (not so easy)
8.When did I first 'have an idea' about the 3rd book? (easy)
9. What is the 3rd book about? Name a few characters and guess the ending. (open ended)
10. Why do I write? (easy)

Hope to hear from you soon...:-)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What is 'good' literature?

That's a difficult question to search, there are many definitions of literature, but only subjective opinions about good and bad literature. Karahasan has good thoughts on what makes 'bad' literature. He says there are 2 kinds: 'Art of Art's sake' and 'Heroic/dogmatic'. Well, my books aren't art for art's sake. When I was a teenager I read lots of high-brow stuff, then tried to emulate it, it was terrible! When I picked up the pen again this (last) year, there was still a thought to go 'arty-farty', but then I found my 'style'. Mmm, the 2nd is difficult. Dogmatic? I'm kind of anti-dogmatic, attacking those characters based on religion and beliefs, making those type of characters my 'villians' and not my 'heros'. My heros are single entities, whereas my villians are slightly dogmatic, though based on real people. So, I guess I don't write 'bad' literature...I think. So why isn't anyone buying them?...

Submissions time...a waste of time

All 'real' publishers are closed for submissions, relying on their already large base of authors to help them write books they think the market needs. They give their market research based idea to 2/3 of their authors and choose the best one. All 'other' publishers are online based, and only a few are open for submissions with strict guidelines. Their books can be bought online only. So what's the point? Perhaps they have money for advertising and reach a larger audience, but there are 1000s of books all trying to get exposure on their sites. Why would mine be any different? It looks like my books will be left in the 'self-publishing' arena, unless a Hungarian or German version is taken by a 'real' publisher in their smaller markets. Smaller market, smaller fish.
Thinking of making a short 'picture' video for the release of the Trilogy book, 3 for 2 kinda thing, blah, blah. Might even use the old shower ad to help :-)))

Book 3 available on

Finally available on for US guys and gals...
The Rage of Atlantis - $9.99
  Also availavle on and my eStore....
Trilogy compilation will soon be available too! 3 books for the price of 2 !
Take 3 books into the toliet? Just take 1! Read and go with Dani J Caile :-)

John Grisham - any takers?

I had a quick look at the first two chapters of Grisham's new book 'The Litigators'. Even the theme is slightly dull. I guess there's a huge market out there for lawyer-related fiction, seeing as there are a lot of lawyers 'out there'. They go to university for half their twenties, get that piece of paper, and then deal with paper and 'bent' truth the rest of their lives. Oh, and get lots of money, of course. That's the point, isn't it?.
Anyway, I digress, the book. Full of description, nice description, though way too much. Waited for some dialogue....chapter 2, there is some hidden among the description. No creativity needed to read a Grisham book, he gives you everything, right down to what shoes the characters are wearing. My brain went numb. In real life, when do you check every detail of a person's dress? The first real dialogue gives a line from a character and then describes what he is wearing. Why? That's not important for the people talking or for the story as a whole....I feel a parody coming on....

"Hello," said the man dressed in an off-white suit with blue and light green tie, and matching dark grey shoes and socks.
"Hello, my, what a wonderful day it is," replied the tramp dressed in scruffy ripped blue jeans and a worn camouflage jacket with sewn on badges and patches. His shoes had holes and no laces.

Me, I'd just write this, give you guys some space...
"Hello," said the man in a suit.
"Hello, my, what a wonderful day it is," replied the tramp.
You know what a man in a suit looks like and how he'll behave. I'm guessing you also know what a tramp is.:-) So what the hell does John Grisham think about you?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lee Child BESTSELLER 1st Dialogue +

 So, book 3 is now available on
 The Rage of Atlantis on - £7.99
 The Rage of Atlantis on Kindle at - £4.99

This Lee Child 'BESTSELLER' thing....let's have a look at that crap opening dialogue in 'Worth Dying for'...
We might need you - me?
Well, you and your rifle. Like before. - Might?
At this stage it's only a precaution. - What's going on?
There's a guy sniffing around. - Close?
Hard to say. - How much does he know?
Some of it. Not all of it yet. - Who is he?
....blah blah blah....
Now if this is what people want in a dialogue, I'm sunk. For me, this isn't real or interesting. For a start it 'leads' the reader, "look, see, there's something secret, it has guns in it, it's dangerous, and they'd kill for something to stay secret!" Wow, great, boring, it must've taken Lee Child 2 seconds to write. Now let's see how it would be if I'd written it. Just 'off the cuff'.
Hey - Hey
Might need ya. - Yeah?
Like before, you know? - Yeah?
Just insurance. - What's going on?
Guy's sniffing around. - How much does he know?
Enough. - Who is he?
...blah blah blah...
I guess I'm just not 'BESTSELLER' material, I just can't write crap like Lee Child....:-)
I'll be having another go at Lee Child later...let's go through his whole collection of books and rip them to shit :-)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Discount code for'The Rage of Atlantis' (limited time)

Picked up a 'bestseller' tonight, a thriller, Lee Child, 'Worth Dying For'. There was a quote on the back saying if you put down the book after reading the first few pages, then you don't like thrillers. Well, I took up the challenge...I put it down after 1 1/2 pages. Dull descriptive paragraphs to start, and unrealistic dialogue to follow. Who wrote this? A 13 year old pen-up-his-arse ex-soldier?
Read MY thriller...'The Rage of Atlantis'....
If you go to my Createspace eStore (and NOT Amazon), you can buy 'The Rage of Atlantis' at a discount! (for a limited time only)
Discount code - JBGPSAJB   -   $2.00 off!
Remember, it has to be at my eStore
The discount doesn't work in Amazon.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Trilogy book idea

Well, book 3 is now going through the final process.
It'll be available here, on my own store
Or on / / Europe.
There is also a chance that a friend of mine will translate my books into German, interesting market. Still waiting on the Hungarian versions...
I'm also thinking of making a 'trilogy' edition, with all 3 books together, in smaller print, of course, at the cheapest price possible.

Friday, June 22, 2012

New Pitch for book 3....

Bombs, angels, dolphins, hobgoblins, crazy monkeys, God in a rage, Satan on the toilet...all mixed with absurdly serious issues.
Will a selfish plan for immortality destroy the human race? Or will there be light ‘beyond’ the end of the tunnel?

High Chief of Security Sipho, with his female dolphin sidekick Kang Dee, investigates the latest in a long line of terrorist attacks by the ‘unseen’ against Atlantis, the utopian gem of the physical universe, and finds more than he could have ever imagined.

1st re-write coming to an end...

Well, at 101 parts and over 60,000 words, I'm coming to an end of my re-write. Book 3 is everything I wanted it to be, I think it completes the trilogy fantastically. On part 83 at the moment, so just a few more days and I'll process it through Createspace.
If anyone would like a signed copy, and you're not on my usual list, please contact me and I'll put it into my 1st order :-)
Thank you to all who've read this blog so far and supported my work so well :-)'s not finished yet!! A little more time...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kang Dee the dolphin on Twitter

Well, Kang Dee the dolphin has her own twitter now. Over time she'll quote from the book and add her own thoughts to life, love, etc.
Follow her here...!/KangDeeDolphin

First parts of Book 3 'The Rage of Atlantis'

First parts of book 3 at...
if you could leave a comment, or even register and back, that wouild be great!
BUT just read!!!! The most important thing.

Why do I write? Not for the money (HA)

In the 1st rewrite ATM, on part 37 of 101, going well. I think it's fantastic, but then, I wrote it :-)
It's interesting, it took me 25 days to write book 1's manuscript, then 45 days for book 2, and now 65 days for book 3...I think I see a pattern here...if I ever get round to writing another, it'll take...85 days....(sleeping)

Why do I write? I've been asking that question for a while, it's definitely not for money (have you seen the sales !!*?%!!)
Reason 1: to entertain both myself and my readers
Reason 2: to make myself and my readers question their environment
Reason 3: to capture ideas and not let them disappear, never to be seen
That's it really, basically. Probably there are a million more reasons but I just haven't got round to thinking about them.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I do so love happy endings :-)

Writing the final scene in my 3rd book. Oh, it's so...(spoiler alert)
Longest book so far, just under 60k. I'm sure I can push it up over that mark in the re-write as I kept it quite bare in places. I'm going to have to put the font down to 10 from 12 in the printed book too, otherwise it'll run into the 350 page mark, and that's expensive. 10 font brings it down to the 230-240 mark, much more acceptable.
I haven't forgotten about the competition, either :-) I'll put it together in the next week, before finishing this 3rd book, so that those who haven't read the first 2 books or seen my website on can catch up.:-)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Would you believe it...the dolphin IS...

Just planned the final scene, and unbelievably, it turns out...well, the title says it all! Almost, don't want to spoil the surprise :-) You know, it's a book filled with political and educational 'evil', but deep down, there's goodness (crunch) wholemeal goodness (munch) and fibre (yummy). I'm sure a lot of readers will swear in disbelief when they get to certain bits of the book, maybe even throw it down in disgust...but then pick it up again to find out what the hell will happen next. Of course, good wins out. But how?? And when??

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Trashing religion

It's a surprise to me that no one has really gone for my second book 'The Bethlehem Fiasco'. It trashes organised religion. It just so happens it's the Christian belief because I grew up in that environment. If I was an Islamic kid, it would be different. Or Hindu. But anyway, no one has really 'hit' on it. I thought there would even be some 'hatred' of the book from those sacred corners, but the truth is that no one knows the book is 'out there'. Someone is already translating it to Hungarian because they believe it has a chance in Hungary. Perhaps they'll translate it back to English and it'll be a hit in English-speaking countries (???). I dunno. I'm working on a screenplay of it, too, it's so visual. But has anyone bought it? Not really...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Closed for submissions"

I somehow got to what I thought was an interesting independent publisher, absolutely new publisher (, only to find that they were "closed for submissions". Are there any publishers who are 'open'? I don't think so. (If you ARE a publisher, now's the time to tell me. I'm getting close to the end of this 3rd book, and I'll self-publish once I'm happy with it)
Just wrote one of the important end scenes, took a while which isn't usual for me, but it was 100%. Proud of it.

No rules to writing...

Yep, dat's right. There are no rules. There's lots of advice as to how to do it, but it doesn't help, really. Of course, you need a few things, though, like...
1. something to write on,
2. time,
3. and...ideas. Writing about nothing is very difficult - I've tried it, didn't get anywhere. I guess that's why there are a lot of clones because no one has an original idea. I had a think about where my ideas came from: my environment. Book 1, personal experiences mostly, book 2 my experience with organised beliefs, and book 3 all about education and politics. Only a few parts to go and then a nice long read through...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Open ended competition coming soon!

Yes! I thought I'd do some kind of competition to 'open' the new book. I'll have some questions about my first 2 books, and depending on the answers I receive, you can win signed printed copies of books or 'ebooks' and even the 'new' 3rd book! Depending on what you want / already have.
Of course, I'm still writing the 3rd, getting to the last few scenes, it's exciting as a writer, though I still have the re-writes...why do I keep going on about 're-writes', I luv 'em! To make something better than you thought you couldn't before is such a should do it!
Anyway, competition coming, after the 3rd book is complete. Watch 'dis 'pace.:-)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Satan isn't the baddie

In my first 2 books, Satan was the big baddie, but then I realised that 'we' are worse than him. We are the ones who kill, maim and destroy. Satan only suggests, only makes the deals. So there's a partnership in the 3rd book of two humans, against what's 'right'. Satan is behind it all, of course, with his 'big bad deal', but the driving force is us. The humans do the actions. It's set in Atlantis, so you can work out the ending. But just how does it all get there? And where do the dolphins come in? And the Letharians? And God? And everything else? Getting to the end, just off 50,000 words ATM.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Evil character

Oooo, you have to be in the mood to write the EVIL character bits. My most evil one in the 3rd book is based on a real guy...this guy has based his whole life on a lie, some 40 odd years of money, business, success and politics on one basic lie - he copied his degree thesis from someone else. In Hungary, to progress in life, you need paper, and a degree is the most important piece of paper you can own. Now this guy copied from 2 other people's thesis's (thesi?) - copied to the letter - to make his own, and passed his degree. He then went on to have a VERY successful life, a life he wouldn't have been able to have WITHOUT that degree paper. I say he should give it ALL back. And what about the people he stole from? Those opportunities that weren't his to have?! Where are they? He stole from them. Give it all back, that's what I say :-)

Monday, June 11, 2012


So far, I've only received good feedback from those who've bought and read my books in their entirety. I even have reviews on Amazon, thanks guys and gals :-)
But it's the others...
...the editors...they read half a sentence, or not at all, or maybe a paragraph and give it up, putting their expectations and 'experience' together - they don't see it.
...the people who have free copies...they might pick them up, they might even read a little, that's okay, it's free, but as it was free they feel no obligation to read. Only those who bought a copy feel that, they paid the money, they read the book. Give something away for free and you lose the value.
For those who've read my books to the end, THANK YOU. That's the point of writing, for someone to read the whole story. For those of you who got something out of it, SUPER!
There is one more book coming, it needs some work, but it'll be something...:-)

Sunday, June 10, 2012


They're a strange bunch...well, not really. They want to keep their jobs and make money, as all of us do. They have a set idea in their heads as to what they think will make some money in the market. They have tons of authors with contracts, and if they want a book, they get them to write them, and not some new unknown writer / entity. So if you think you're going to get published as a new writer, then the answer is 'no'. Unless you start up your own publishing company, that is. If you want a publishing contract, look at the crap books on the market, and write a clone. Doesn't help anyone. Readers are a strange bunch. too...later.

Slowly getting to the 1st re-write

Apologises for those waiting for news, been busy trying to finish the 3rd book. Almost at the point of finishing the main storyline. Already have ideas about the 1st re-write, a few minor plot changes, nothing dramatic. Also need to include a little more Drukan, Satan and the 2 scientists, perhaps even a little more of the main characters too, and perhaps more description of Atlantis too. As you can see, the 1st re-write might take a while. A blog with sentences starting with the letter 'A'....sounds like Sesame street...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Evil theme, evil book?

I'm coming to the end of the initial plot in my 3rd book based on politics and I'm starting to think what kind of a book it really is.
Is it a Dan Brown parody? Yes.
Is it a comedy? Yes, though black as hell
Does it have a message? Yes, don't believe anything / there are more than two sides to every story
Is it any good? Well, it's written in the same style as the first 2 books, and people like them (though didn't buy many)
Politics is an evil theme, so there is a quite evil violent side to this, but it's not me, it's the topic. At least I hope so....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Marilyn Manson

Why is the title of this post Marilyn Manson? Well, it's one of the music sources of inspiration that seemed to fit the 'feel' of the 3rd book quite well, especially thetrilogy including Mechanical Animals, but more the other two.
And then there's SFA. SFA? Super Furry Animals, notably the album including Northern Lites (I'll edit this post with the album names)
Music gets you into the mood of writing...sometimes. At almost 40,000, still going.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The key is to write

Yes, I'm still working on how to 'get it all in'. There are some things which should be mentioned, and so far, they've fit quite smoothly into the story. It's amazing how it all comes together. Set the problem and give it a little time and BINGO, there's the answer, right in front of your eyes. The key is to write, write, write. Sometimes it goes in the wrong direction, but it's okay, it's only words, they can be brought back and moved towards your destination. As it is becoming more and more apparent, the end of a book is usually known well before anything else, even the beginning. Or by the time you get there, it has evolved into something quite fantastic...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Real Issues

At over 30,000 words now with the 3rd book. I've got to a point where I'm questioning a few things, such as how real should I keep it? There are a few issues that need to be changed if I keep it 100% 'true', with real examples of political stupidity and 'conspiracy theory' "facts". I haven't even finished writing the basic story through yet, and I'm dying to do the rewrite, expanding characters, analysing their journeys through the story. Ideas keep coming, one creates another and another, then a whole bunch appears. A little more time is needed...