Wednesday, April 30, 2014

TIW Thanks (3) ...Brian Rogers (Happy Birthday!)

Yes, it's the 3rd TIW Thanks, and it goes to the founder of the Challenge, Brian Rogers :-)
Every week this guy puts on 4 more elements and I go and write up the story...what an excellent taskmaster!
And it's his BIRTHDAY TODAY!
"Happy Birthday, Brian!"
let's say a bit about his 'creation'...
The Iron Writer Challenge itself is a great place to write and meet other like-minded people. It's a huge massive monster now and Brian is a ROCK! he's the greatest.
But, not only is Brian the founder of TIW Challenge...
...a challenge that every writer should at least try once, but he is also an accomplished author himself!
Check out his novels!
The Sin of Certainty...
Black Friday
Six Sisters
Give Me Liberty Then Death
Baby Boomer
Thrashing Charley Little

And here's a little 50 worder for his birthday :-) (elements - airport patdown, heartthrob and Whitesnake lyric) plus some 'jello' from 'Frankieismymiddlename' :-)

"…There is trouble always coming my way..." Brian watched the over-sized 52-46-54 200lb Audrey Hepburn lookalike airport security guard walking over.
"We've got a right one 'ere, Madge!" shouted the guy doing Brian's pat down.
This would be the last TIW Conference Brian would set up....or maybe not...
'Madge' had jello...

TIW Thanks (2) - Danielle Lee Zwissler

It's the 2nd TIW thanks today, for a newcomer to the fore...Danielle Lee Zwissler!
Lately I've not been feeling well and Danielle has appeared in this stage of my 'writing' life, a great writer, a funny person, beautiful and so goddamn clever! She's recently read one of my books, and she's helped me out of a few 'doubting' moments, which seem more frequent nowadays.
Her writing is the greatest and she's one of the lucky ones and has found success on Amazon, selling 1000s of her romantic/erotic light humoured books. I envy her but I also congratulate her on this success :-)
I'm also up against her in the TIW Final! I'll need to have my wits about me! (though we all know who will win...unfortunately)
Here's her
Danielle's Amazon page...
And check out her latest series of novels "Cowboys & Cowgirls"! They're fantastic! (and a little racy :-))
Long Ride Home (FREE) 
The Cowboy Takes Slave
The Cowboy's Bride

Zappa Plays Zappa (Blogging A-Z Challenge)


"Zappa Plays Zappa" – what else could it be for the last post? Zappa died 4th Dec 1993....BUT...his music lives on...
Dweezil Zappa followed in his father's footsteps, even made a few albums, which were pretty damn good.
He did a remake of "My Guitar wants to Kill yout Mamma"...
And I bought his "Confessions" album, there were a lot of nice tracks (though most were teenager-ish)..whole album is here...
I really have no idea what happened after this, but after his father passed away, Dweezil took up the family name and created "Zappa Plays Zappa". Excellent! The music lives on. Here's 'Zappa plays Zappa'...(tons of videos on youtube, here's one)

And there are other bands who keep it going for the old fella!
Dangerous Kitchen - Whipping Post -
The Pojama People... 
The Central Scrutinizer Band....
..and a lot more, just search...

..and here endth the "Zappa" Blogging A-Z Challenge (April 2014)'s been an experience...! Thanks to "Blogging A-Z Challenge"! I must remember to do this next year...

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TIW Thanks to (1)...Tannis Laidlaw

Yep, in the run-up to the BIG TIW FINAL, today I start a BIG TIW THANKS to those TIW writers who have given me help and inspiration when I needed it. There are so many of them who have helped me over the last year, they're a fantastic circle of writers :-) There's so much going on, especially in the closed Facebook group, that only TIWs's great to be a member, and I'm grateful to Brian Rogers for allowing me to be there...I'm usually kicked out within 3 months...

Err, no, I don't start with Brian, no. I actually start with a New Zealand writer (eh?) who somehow...I've forgotten how...introduced me to TIW (The Iron Writer) Challenge way back when...last year - Tannis Laidlaw! (website here...
Tannis has always been there for me, right from the start of TIW, and we've shared much correspondance. We're also working together on the official TIW Challenge anthology. As do I, she also writes up each weekly challenge and if I'm correct, most or all of the Weekend Quickies.Still waiting for her 2nd compilation of TIW stories to come out.
I reviewed her novel "Bye Baby Bunting" almost a year ago, an enjoyable well-crafted book. Though where I put it, I don't know...I'll find it and put it up on, it was on
Here's the book....
And here is a link to Tannis' 1st collection of TIW stories...reviewed that one, too...

Yellow Shark - Zappa (Blogging A-Z Challenge)

"Yellow Shark" from Ensemble Modern- the last album from Zappa before he died...I played it a lot, and liked a lot of it too, especially "G-Spot Tornado" and that bit about the American passport control spoken in a German accent ("Welcome to the United States")! Mainly background music for writing, though.
I've also got a "Yellow Shark" badge somewhere...and a black beret but that's another story....
Here's a WHOLE concert performance...

Monday, April 28, 2014

How I like to Show (show vs tell) + Dani's Shorts Reviews

Brian at TIW put up one of my 'articles' about writing, my 'show versus tell' piece. Go and have a read, you might find it interesting.

Yes, I finally got some reviews for 'Dani's Shorts' and 'Dani's Shorts 2' from Cinta Garcia de la Rosa, someone who I featured a month back for tweeting me...oh, oh dear...she gave a 4 star and a 3 first 3 star review on Amazon :-( That hurts.
She says about 'Dani's Shorts 2'...
Second collection of stories featuring stories written for the Iron Writer Challenge. This second set of stories was a bit less enjoyable than the first one. Some of the stories weren't gripping or interesting enough and I found myself skipping pages. The writing is good, but the stories need more editing.  

Mmm...IMHO the second collection outshines the first, especially the 2nd half of the main challenges and all Weekend Quickies. The stories are based on or influenced by events / people in my life or even classics / media classics. Infact there's a definite family feel to the whole collection, getting deeper into my own psyche, so a '3' for these is like shooting me in the head.
The stories were also written within the Challenge parameters, and that includes the 4 day limit as well as the 4 elements, so editing does not come into it, it's not part of the writing challenge. Editing would be cheating.

If some of you don't come along and help me out by placing better reviews, I'm gonna hafta pull the 2 books from Amazon - for me this is negative exposure, something I really don't need at the moment. I only put them there because Smashwords has a smaller audience. Plus I don't get any downloads from Amazon, nor do I ask for any - these books are FREE on Smashwords. And if I want paperbacks, I go to Createspace. So, shall I pull them/ take them off Amazon?
Here's a link to 'Dani's Shorts 2', the worst 'hit'.

Xylophone (Ruth Underwood) - Zappa (Blogging A-Z Challenge)

'Xylophone'...with Ruth Underwood :-) Zappa loved his little black dots, and the percussion parts were always fantastic! IMHO, Ruth Underwood was one of, if not, the best.
Here's "St Alphonzo’s Pancake Breakfast/Rollo" with Zappa (from the album 'Aposthrophe')
Here's a nice video with Ruth Underwood playing the same piece 30 years later :-) 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Whippin’ Post - Zappa (Blogging A-Z Challenge)


"Whippin’ Post!"
Way back when, when things were bad, how we loved this song! We'd play it almost every weekend, and if we couldn't play it, we'd sing it! Those girlfriends playing with our 'good time buddies'....okay, if we had girlfriends, and if we had any good time buddies, and if get the meaning. Who the hell wants to date a guy with no money, long smelly hair and a strange looking beard? Okay, maybe somewhere else, but not in deep Fen country...:-)
Here's the orginal song from the Allman brothers (1970)....

And here's Zappa from 1984 :-) Oh, how we..(blah blah) :-)

Friday, April 25, 2014

"Beth" ESL Shakespearean play 25th April 2014 :-)

I wrote a short comedy version of 'the Scottish play' called "Beth" and it was finally played by the ESL 7th formers to a school audience today. I re-wrote Macbeth, murdered it, broke its legs off, and fed it to 11 Hungarian teenagers. The performance? Not bad for a bunch of kids who live on their phones. Though I think they need a lesson from the David Attenborough School of Acting...yes, David, not Richard...."And Hine's Emerald dragonfly...has a shorter lifespan...than the takes...for of my sentences."
Here it is if you're curious...(who the hell that guy at the beginning is, I have no idea...)
(I've had to take off the link for the moment until I get permission from ALL the children) :-(
On another note, I am now surrounded by writers who've 'made' it! Every week I get to hear about another who has become so successful from this publishing business that it makes me sick with envy! I congratulate those who have 'made' it! But...when will it be my turn? When will someone read my stuff and decide 'this is the one'? When can I join those 'risen' folks?

Village of the Sun - Zappa (Blogging A-Z Challenge)

'Village of the Sun'...from "Roxy and Elsewhere", such great music and such a great song. I grew up (from 8 to 18) in an English place which meant "Sun village" in Roman. If Rednecks were an English thing, that village would be full of them...backward is the word. As you can see, I don't have a great opinion of the place where my teenage years were pulverised. I sang 'Plastic People' (the 'P' post) in one of the pubs...for money...they loved it...shame they didn't look in the mirror. I spent my next 10 years up the road in a place full of Pikeys...ouch...kept away from know the film, "Snatch"? Brad Pitt? Didn't do them justice, really, Brad spoke too much.
Anyway, is a GREAT version of "Village of the Sun"!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

TIW Final only 2 weeks away...

The TIW Annual Final is getting close, only 2 more weeks and I'll have to write a great little 500 word sotry (exactly 500 words)...maybe I'll...yes, I'll make it a little more challenging...:-) The 2 Pretenders will run away with the votes and one of them will win, but I hope to have the best or at least one of the best stories.
To keep in practise, here's my take on Challenge 62, a little conversation...

Challenge 62 - "Draughts on a Sunday afternoon with ol' Captain Joe Blue Eyes"

(bunsen burner, ski lodge, cactus, bikini)

"The first time our eyes met was over a bunsen burner in the 12th grade Chemistry class. Well, 'meet' would be difficult. For all her homely blossoming beauty and her simple country charms, her left eye always went a little awry, and even more so when she ate or drank a hot drink. But when I saw her in that bikini in the summer down at the lake with her family, my heart…my heart was lost."
"Is this gonna be a long story? I'm only in 'ere for another twenty five years, if I can get out on good behaviour."
"Are you done?"
"Yeah. Sorry. Go on."
"It took me a while to convince her that I was the knight in shining armour she'd been looking for, but after kidnapping her best friends over the next weekend and torturing them to tell me her favourite hobbies and pastimes, and then of course leaving their bodies to rot in some desolate hut in the middle of the forest, I was ready to win her over. Fifty seven different types of cacti later, including a rare lava cactus I'd purchased on ebay for an extortionate price and she was mine. That was the one that clinched it. Plus the promise of a skiing holiday at the Engelberg Ski Lodge in the Alps next year. A very popular and exclusive place indeed. She was all over me. Loves skiing. I hate it, though I guess I'd better get some lessons."
"Skiing's great."
"Did I ask you?"
"No. Sorry."
"Can I continue?"
"Yeah, sure, sorry."
"Right. Where was I?"
"Skiing lessons?"
"Ah, yes, well, I only reached first base by the second week but when the local news got hold of the story about the disappearance of her friends, I was there to comfort her and pick up the spoils…"
"Hey, hey! Now you're talking!"
"Oi! This isn't some erotic daydream, you smuck!"
"I'm not Jewish."
"Never said you were. Anyway…"
"I'm Roman Catholic."
"Figures. The thing was…the thing was…"
"What was the thing?"
"Shut up! I'm getting to it!"
"Right. Sorry."
"The thing was, I'd left a jumper in the hut in the forest. You know, it gets a bit hot when you're torturing and all…"
"Yeah, don’t it just."
"…and I'd taken this jumper off and left it on the floor next to the door. I didn't remember it at first but when the authorities started searching and clips of the forest appeared on television, it all came back to me."
"The jumper."
"Yes, the jumper. Man, did I sweat."
"So what?"
"The jumper?"
"Ah, it was one of those Canadian lumberjack type pullovers, all red and black squares, nice and warm, good for the cold seasons. It was a wonderful jumper, I really missed it."
"Nah, did they find the jumper?"
"What do you think I'm doing in here? Popped in for a bit of draughts on a Sunday afternoon with ol' Captain Joe Blues Eyes in Block G?"

Uncle Meat - Zappa (Blogging A-Z Challenge)


'Uncle Meat' - a strange album from the Mothers of Invention, and an even weirder film. There are times when I can get into parts of this album, especially repeating 'King Kong' and 'Electric Aunt Jemima' on continuous loops. I haven't actually listened to this one in ages, so I'd better have a go, I think it might help me with a Steampunk project.

Here is the album on youtube...:-)

And here's a excerpt of the movie (the video of which came with non-3D glasses)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Teen-Age Wind - Zappa (Blogging A-Z Challenge)


'Teen-Age Wind' - oh, this song sums up a lot of people. There are a lot of 'rebels' out there, going against the system and the suits...with their own system and know, the Revolution has been postponed....let's wait until Friday night, your paycheck will arrive then...
Of course, this comes from the great album, 'You are What you Is'! Another great Zappa album...
Here's the song...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

'Circuits & Steam' coming soon!

Yes! Published!...okay, not just yet, in May sometime, but I've got a story published in a Steampunk anthology by Three Fates Press...facebook page here...
There are tons of authors bit 4 I know inside, each with a story, K.A. DaVur, Brick Marlin, Thomas Lamkin Jr. and Dani J Caile (me).
Here's the cover, created by Jordan Bell. Everyone involved is an Iron Writer, so TIW is a good thing for all of us! Thank you Amanda!

Sleep Dirt - Zappa (Blogging A-Z Challenge)

Whoops, seemed to have posted 'R' on Saturday...oh well, it's Tuesday and it's (that letter up there)...

'Sleep Dirt' is the name of an album and a guitar piece. Both are great. I once learnt how to play the piece, recorded the backing track and playing lead over it. I had a recording of it, I'm not going to torture you with that one :-)
The original piece is very different to anything you've probably heard from these posts so far...I can't say anmore about this, really, it reminds me of time when 'poor me' was strong, when things weren't going so well (are they ever?) it is...

Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Otherworldly" - an Excellent review of 'Manna-X' :-)

Sometimes I get a review. Here's a fantastic one :-) Thanks BookEater "BE", whoever you are!

5.0 out of 5 stars Otherworldly, April 18, 2014
Verified Purchase
This review is from: Manna-X (Kindle Edition)
So I will say right off the bat that this is not really my sort of thing. It was referred by someone I trust so I took a chance.

Glad I did. It is really pretty fun. Pretty sure "The Bobs" were my favorite. Not those Bobs, the other Bobs. You'll see what I mean.

A bit out there and probably a little over my head, but if sarcastic Satan sounds fun to you, give it a chance.

Ring of Fire - Zappa (Johnny Cash) (Blogging A-Z Challenge)


Whoops, posted this on Saturday, should have been Monday...oh well...repost on Tuesday...:-)

'Ring of Fire' - Johnny Cash...I don't know much about him, but what I do know is that he looked like a tough bloke and one day I will watch that movie about his day.
But...isn't this about Zappa? Yes, it is. Zappa played a lot of covers, well, murdered a lot of songs, including 'Ring of Fire'...I love it :-) Here is a very shaky video of a performance. You also get a bit of 'Peaches En Regalia' :-)

No, this isn't the 'ring' they're singing about...:-)

Queen (the band) and Zappa (Blogging A-Z Challenge)

Why Queen? Isn't this meant to be a Zappa A-Z Challenge? Well, yes, but do you know how difficult it is to find something relevant to my own experiences about Zappa that is linked with 'Q'?
Well, apparently, Zappa admired the mixing done on Queen albums, saying "Some of the things they're doing  mix-wise on these albums are very difficult." And this is from someone who was a MASTER of mix!
Listening to the YCDTOSA 6 double disc set, you can hear it!
Zappa admired Brian May (the guitarist of Queen if ya didn't know, the one who uses an old coin as a pluck), and Zappa even sung 'Bohemian Rhapsody' on a radio show once!
Brain May said this in 2005...
"I was fortunate enough to meet Frank Zappa, a truly great rock musician, and a very unorthodox and innovative creator. He was already very ill when I met him (I was working with his son in L.A. ) I told him I admired his skill and courage in improvising so much in his music, live in front of large audiences. He said, "Courage? - What do you mean?! " I said that I was always very aware of the possibilities of making mistakes. He replied, "How can you make a mistake? It is your solo, your guitar, and you are playing a piece of your own music. Who could possibly tell you you are making a mistake ? Zappa wasn't afraid at all when he went out there. Gotta admire that."

So, what's the youtube video today? How about this Bio :-)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Plastic People - Me and Zappa (Blogging A-Z Challenge)

'Plastic People'...
Yes, for almost 10 years way back when I tried my hand at playing musical instruments and standing in pubs, making a lot of noise and 50 pence a night. 'Plastic People' was one of my favourite Zappa songs from the old days and so easy to play!
After being in a couple of 'going-nowhere' bands, I moved onto another 'going-nowhere' trio 'Gab Meringue' led by a Justin - he was determined to be the first famous guitarist named Justin. After this band died, he made some concept album about his village and witches...then went down to London and got lost somewhere....Anyway, we were the loudest and busiest trio in the area at the time, playing our own crap and some covers, including this one. I put 'Plastic People' up on youtube, not many views, though. Here it is...I'm singing and playing bass guitar. I lose it at around 3:30....and I love Justin's end remark!

But, for those who can't handle a post-punk muso losers trio, here is Zappa's version along with some animation :-)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

My take on TIW Challenge 57

Finally caught up on a few TIW challenges, and this was the last I had to write. A kind of a 'Flowers for Algeron' / Forest Gump / schizophrenic piece. Hope you like it (notice the omission of 'and' and the repetitions - sorry? what?)
(Oh, forgot to mention, before I get any 'bad' comments about this like "How would you know?" etc, I go to one of these special schools twice a week)

Challenge 57, 24 miniature plastic dinosaurs of various kinds, vegamite, outside tyre motorcycle, sewing machine

Dennis is a bad boy. I don't like him. But he spoils everything. Mummy says I should not blame someone else for the things I do. But he makes me. He is a bad boy. He is stronger than me. I know the things that he makes me do are wrong. I know they are not good for me or anyone. But I do them. He is my friend. Friends do not do things to hurt you. I got dinosaurs for one of my birthdays. He told me to eat them. The doctor told Mummy that he had never seen 24 miniature plastic dinosaurs of various kinds in one child before. I went to bed without dinner. Dennis told me it was okay to cry. He then told me how to use a sewing machine. It was fun. It was very loud. He said it was used to put hair together. He then told me to practise on Grandma. She was not happy. Mummy shouted a lot that day. I went to bed without dinner. Dennis told me that I can collect my tears in a jar. I put them under my bed to save them for later. But I did not like vegamite. Dennis said it was not a food. He said it was a paint. Mummy had given me it to paint the kitchen. I used a knife to spread it. It was easy to do. Mummy was not happy with my work. Mummy shouted some more. I was sent to bed again without dinner. I heard Mummy talk about a special place I can go. Dennis said it was a nice place. Dennis said I can make a lot of good friends there. Grandpa came to visit me yesterday. He is a funny little man. He made me laugh. Dennis liked him. Grandpa has a funny looking bicycle. He said it was an outside tyre motorcycle. He said it was valuable. I said it was red. He laughed. Dennis said Grandpa is bad. Dennis said Grandpa laughed at me. I like Grandpa. He is a funny man. He let me sit on his funny looking bicycle. Dennis said I should turn the key. I did. Grandpa was not happy. Dennis said to put my foot on a piece of metal. He then said to turn the handlebar. The bicycle moved very fast. I did not like it. Dennis loved it. He laughed a lot. I started to cry. I called for my Mummy. Grandpa ran after me. The bicycle fell over. Mummy shouted. She shouted a lot. Grandpa shouted too. Dennis laughed. Today I am in the special place. There are some nice people here. They like white clothes. They all have big smiles. There are some funny looking children here. Dennis said I will like it here. He said this is my new home. I like my new home. It has a lot of toys. Where has Dennis gone? I hope Mummy will come back soon.

EU 'watering' verse / EU-s locsol├│vers


This is my variation on a traditional Hungarian Easter rhyme when the boys 'water/sprinkle' the girls in exchange for money/fruit brandy (yes, dubious 'marking territory' tradition but none the less...) 
The original goes...

"I was walking in the green forest, 
when I saw blue Ibolyas (flowers).
They were withering, 
Can I water them?" 
(The girl then says 'yes')

For the last few years, the EU has stopped the spraying of mites (diesease-ridden insects which give Lime-disease - brain disease.)
My version...

"I was walking in the green forest, 
when I saw lots of mites. 
They wanted to bite me, 
can I kill them? 
EU says - "No!" " 

My TIW Challenge 61 take :-)

Ah, memories...
...blah, blah, blah...take written history. You think that's what really happened? Turn on your TV, watch the you'll be telling me that's true as well...omission is a lie.
Anyway, I had a little fun with the latest Iron Writer weekly challenge :-) Hope you like it...

Challenge 61 - lace shawl, revolving doors, image of a fire-eater on a beach at night, duct tape

"So, what happened to Stanley?"
"Who?" Tracy pouted her lips in the mirror, making sure the lipstick was perfect.
Her eyeliner, however, needed touching up.
"Stanley, Stanley Kundricks, you know, last time I saw you, when was it…?"
"Almost a year ago, Brigitte, almost a year, right after my last birthday."
Brigitte and herself were going out on the town, have a few drinks, do a little
dancing, maybe get lucky. With those eyebrows, Brigitte would have to be very
lucky…the lift up bra helped.
"Yeah, then." There was no regret in her voice that she’d ignored Tracy for so long,
but that was Brigitte, here today, gone tomorrow. "So?"
"Oh, that Stanley…no, it didn’t work out, really."
"But he was fantastic, a great catch!"
"Yeah, well…"
"We double dated, I remember now. Ugh, I was with that Dave bloke, yuck."
"Ha! Yeah, I remember him. Those jeans…"
"We went to a restaurant together, and then…" Brigitte lay on the bed looking in
her pocket mirror making silent kisses in the air.
"…and then the beach." Tracy was almost done, she only had to sort her hair out.
And choose an outfit.
"Oh, yeah! There were a few performances, weren’t there? A juggler, a fire-eater, he was cute. I tried to get his attention but that Dave said we should walk the Quay ’in the moonligh’."
"Yes, but…"
"And that was so romantic, when Stanley bought you a lace shawl from that old
gypsy woman and you wore it as you guys strolled along the river. Dave tried to
get the better of me in one of the alleys but I gave him a kick in the balls. Stopped
him for a few minutes. Stanley just held your hand, so nice. I wish I could find
someone like that, so gentleman like, and not these tossers I always get."
"Yes, well…"
"So? What ever happened? Last time I saw you guys that night, after Dave tried it
on again, was when you disappeared through those revolving doors of that posh
hotel on the corner."
"That Dave, had some money but no idea. Left him a few weeks later for a truck
driver. Ha, he was funny. Smelly but funny, and there was always the chance of
travel...and bacon."
"So what happened? What happened with Stanley, Tracy? Any fireworks? Any
plans? Why aren’t you guys married or something?"
"C’mon, what was it? Not enough money? Car not fast or flashy enough? Not so
manly in the downstairs department? What? What was it? What went wrong, huh,
"Lousy kisser?"
"No, I think it was when he wrapped duct tape around my mouth, tied me up and
threw me the trunk of his car, drove me to some desolate hut in the middle of the
woods and left me there to rot for six months."
"Oh, right." Brigitte went back to her pocket mirror and practised smiling.
"I think that was the clincher, really."
"Well, no one’s perfect."

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One Size Fits All -Zappa (Blogging A-Z Challenge)


'One Size Fits All' - it really does. From its collage CD cover to the wonderful music inside. This is an album that amazes, so shiny and bright...and weird and jazzy in some ways funky. What got me the first time I  heard this was how polished but alive it all seemed to be, compared to the Zappa I'd heard before - what I thought were studio albums...I later found out that Zappa edited live music in the studio, mixing drum parts and guitar solos which had 10 years plus between them in performance date...genius! But this album is a band together, playing SOOOO professionally!

This link takes you to a list of songs on the album...enjoy! Or else!

Naval Aviation In Art? (segue)

'Naval Aviation in Art'...I was sceptical of Zappa doing orchestral music, until I heard this on 'The Perfect Stranger'. I got into this part of Zappa's stuff, especially 'Francesco Zappa' - which I could play continuously - that album isn't Zappa's music, but uses the same instrument, the Synclavier. Using this machine, Zappa was able to get closer to the sound he wanted, rather than depend on educated snobs sawing wood and blowing through metal.

Here is a really nice video of 'Naval Avaiation in Art' on 
...and for those who want to listen to some dead 18th century Italian composer music played on a computerised instrument, here's 'Francesco Zappa'...(of course, that's 'F' but hey :-))



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Guitar wants to kill your Mama (Blogging A-Z Challenge)


...has to be 'My Guitar wants to kill your Mama'...but not the one on 'Weasels Ripped my flesh'. I bought that fantastic 6 part double CD set 'You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore', and on Volume 4 was a rendition of this. You can find it on youtube here..(or something very similar, I can't remember).
It reminds me of some snobbish mothers way back when...

...but then 'M' could be the 'Mammy Nuns' from 'Thingfish'...I had the vinyl to that, with a special booklet and arsehole who thought there were two types of people, the wolves and the sheep, well, he borrowed it, sold it for drugs and killed himself by crashing his motorbike into the back of a tractor. Complete waster. He actually did look something like this...(this is a Mammy Nun)...remorse...some...

Monday, April 14, 2014

LTYTTB/Little Green Rosetta (Blogging A-Z Challenge)


I couldn't make up my mind between 'Lemme Take you to the beach' (Studio Tan) and 'Little Green Rosetta' (Joe's Garage).
Both songs make me happy whenever I hear them and I need to join in like some stupid teenager. Nowadays I change Little Green Rosetta to 'Little Green, White and Red Rosetta' to match the Hungarian flag when I see some overzealous Hungarian Nationalist wearing one a day which isn't customary, and 'Lemme Take you to the beach' when we go to a strand (Hungary is known for its 'artificial beaches', openair fun swimming pool areas - it gets very hot in the summer good!
But, of course, BOTH songs are speaking about the same things....
Okay, so here are the songs on youtube :-) Hope they also put a smile on your face....

Lemme Take you to the beach...(this is a very...well, I've never seen this Ren & Stimpy episode!...hope you're under 18...)

Little Green Rosetta...(just the'll need this one after that Ren & Stimpy cartoon...)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Steampunk! TIW Weekend Quickie 31

Wrote a Steampunk Weekend Quickie, it could be a small part of a larger thing. My first Steampunk short story, 'Tracer's Choice' will be published in May 2014, but this one may be the start of something big...
Here it is...and go and see the other 200 worders here ..

Tracer aimed Amelie's sights on the nearest Zepplin's main rope, the central of four keeping the airship steady in the night sky. The dozen or so Zepplins lit up the area around the British camp, making any assault impossible without major losses.

"Tracer, y'er gonna bring d'em British pigs on us, y'are."

"Ireland, you haven't got much confidence in my abilities."

"Nah, but optimism, yeah. If yer don' mind, I'll skedaddle back t'lines an' watch the fireworks back there. Gunnin' fer yer!"

Ireland ran back, leaving Tracer alone. A slight breeze blew across no man's land and Tracer turned Amelie to the furthest left of the Zepplins. He aimed at the main rope and fired. It cut and the airship rose almost imperceptibly. A few of the troops in the camp looked into the darkness. Tracer opened Amelie's breech and out popped the empty case. He placed in another bullet and fired, cutting through a second rope. The Zepplin slowly floated over the British camp. The troops were now in a panic, some due to the shoots, others due to the impending danger. Tracer's third bullet brought a fireball down on the camp.

"There'll be some bacon tonight!", he laughed.

UPDATE: I've edited this piece, it now stands at about 400 words, and is the beginning of a new 'Tracer' story...more to come...
Tracer aimed Amelie’s sights on the nearest Zepplin’s rope, one of three keeping the airship steady in the night sky. The dozen or so Zepplins lit up the area around the British camp, making any assault impossible without major losses.
“Tracer, y’er gonna bring d’em British pigs on us, y’are.”
“Ireland, you haven’t got much confidence in my abilities.”
“Nah, but optimism, yeah. If yer don’ mind, I’ll skedaddle back t’lines an’ watch the fireworks back there. Gunnin’ fer yer!”
Ireland ran back, leaving Tracer alone. A slight breeze blew across no man’s land and Tracer turned Amelie to the furthest left of the Zepplins. He aimed at a rope and fired. It cut and the airship rose almost imperceptibly at first. A few of the troops in the camp looked into the darkness. Tracer opened Amelie’s breech and out popped the empty case. He placed in another bullet and fired, cutting through a second rope. The Zepplin slowly floated over the British camp. The troops were now in a panic, some due to the shoots, others due to the impending danger. Tracer’s third bullet brought a lethal fireball down on the camp.
“There’ll be some bacon tonight!”, he laughed. - See more at:

King Kong - Zappa (Blogging from A-Z Challenge April 2014)

'King Kong' has a special place in my heart, especially this video (see link below). It encapsules the feeling of the time, and of this time, the way the music industry controls what people listen to. It is also a great piece of music. I like the old Mothers, not so polished as the later bands, but they have a club band charm, seeing as that's where they played to make money. It's a shame that people with money have to control things they don't understand or give a shit about.
Here it is, 'King Kong' (or a version of many)...:-)

Friday, April 11, 2014

We are NOT intelligent

It seems as a human race we are still not intelligent, after thousands of years of so called 'civilisation'.
We are still self-centred, power obsessed creatures who will devour anything which gets in our way to get what we want, even if it means the destruction of our own home. We are not even able to create a good fresh entertaining TV show/style of music/movie/book, everything is a rehash of what came before...but that's just it.
The truths are...
1. Education is not centralised schooling
2. God is not organised religion
3. Truth is not written history
4. The Media is not a community
We are one of many biological creatures on a spiralling mass of rock and gas which in itself is spiralling around a radioactive mass of energy which is also spiralling towards/around a force which the entire universe spirals around. We are all spiralling bodies, our days are not linear, we are never in the same place, the same time, the same frame of mind. It is forever changing.
But we still destroy the planet, kill each other, slander each other, take from each other, mass the money.
What good is that?
Is there an alternative?
Become aware of yourself.
My writing can help. 'Man by tree', 'Bethlehem Fiasco', 'Rage', 'Manna-X'...but especially 'How to build a castle in 7 easy steps'...which is coming soon.

Joe's Garage!! (Blogging from A-Z Challenge)

'J' has to be "Joe's Garage"! There can be no other!
This was the first Zappa album I ever heard and I remember listening to it for weeks almost nonstop (yes, my life was like that...not any more)! The story, the songs, the minute detail, the editing, the playing, the laughing of 'The Central Scrutinizer'...a perfect concept album based on the music industry. If you've ever been in a band, this is the album to listen to and hopefully you will laugh. If you're disgusted by this album, I think it's time you should look in the mirror...
Here is this MASTERPIECE on youtube...!! (unless you're in the're British? you have money, well, at least 4 times more than me...go out and buy this one :-))

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Over 500 downloads of DS + DS2 combined :-)

Yes, 'Dani's Shorts' has been out for almost 8 months and has had 300+ downloads, while 'Dani's Shorts 2' has been out for only 2 months and has almost 200!
For me, this is an achievement :-)
I've also resubmitted 'How to build a castle in 7 easy steps' and working on the Camp Nanowrimo well as doing the 'Blogging from A-Z Challenge April 2014'.
For the Camp Nanowrimo, I'm writing a short Detective Brad Shaw story based on an old idea which I couldn't seem to work out but now I can! I'd like it to be 15,000 words or more, at the 8,000 stage so far.
But...I feel a little in the new reviews, nothing much happening, a few more hits on this blog, a few more free downloads...what is this? 'Poor me'? No, just feel a little downtrodden...BUT I'm still writing :-)
Watch this space for the Annual Iron Writer Tournament!!! Coming soon!

It Just might be a One Shot deal (Waka Jawaka) - (Blogging from A - Z Challenge)


 Yep, 'I' is 'It Just might be a One Shot deal' from "Waka Jawaka".
At first I thought this was about record deals, then one-night stands, now life. Such a great song!
There is no past, there is no future, there is only the now. Sure, we all have a past, we learn from it, and sure, we're all going somewhere, but it hasn't happened yet. Use the now to get there.
And use the now to hear this song on youtube :-)
WARNING: If you live in the UK, copyright issues may not allow you hear this, so go find someone to play it for ya :-) (hehe)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hots Rats - Zappa (Blogging from A-Z Challenge April 2014)

 'H' can only be....

'Hot Rats'! This was the second instrumental album from Zappa but the first I listened to. I wondered where the hell he'd been, and why wasn't he more well-known. Then I realised that it was the record companies who 'owned' the public's ears and minds, and that there was a whole load of fantastic music that you never get to hear. For example, Zappa. Not about drugs, not about silly lyrics, Zappa was seriously having fun!
Here's 'Hot Rats', all of it :-)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Politicians cheat you - OFFICIAL

Some people's votes are more equal than others. You have the same number of votes, one, but if you don't vote for the overall winner in your area, your vote means nothing, it is lost, gone.
In Hungary, the election used to be a 2-level deal, the 1st round was to vote for who wins in your area, the 2nd round was to vote for the party. The 2nd was based on 'Proportional Representation' (PR) but was only a minor part of the whole system. Now, the 2nd round was abolished as soon as Fidesz got in last time, the EU frowned on it, but there is still a little bit of Proportional Representation in deciding the final number of seats for a party, don't know how... BUT...let's have a look at the votes and seats of the 2014 Hungarian a few other figures..

No, of seats (%)
% of seats
% of total votes
No. of seats based

on Votes (Prop Rep)

MSZP-Egyutt (etc)

There were also 4.69% of votes for other parties, that's 7 seats!
Munkaspart, A Haza Nem Elado and SMS would each get 1 seat each, with the other 4 seats left over for the other 11 parties to squabble over.

Proportional Representation represents the votes of a country's citizens, no other system does. on....

John Cleese once did a video on Proportional Representation many years back...
Here it is! - shorter one here...
In the UK in 1983, the Liberals got almost the same % of votes as Labour, but got 1/10th of the seats.

Back then, I thought it was logical to use Proportional Representation, seeing as the system used was and now still is based on the old 'Rotten Borough' system from the 19th century, but now I see the REAL point!

Without Proportional Representation, if you don't vote for the winner, your vote doesn't count. Your opinion doesn't count towards the running of your country. By ignoring Proportional Representation, Politicians are not only cheating voters out of their votes, they are also CHEATING their citizens out of their opinions and rights as citizens.
Politicians are meant to be working for the citizens, politicians are meant to be servants to the citizens ...without Proportional Representation, Politicians are working for themselves, citizens are servants to them.

Get rid of the 'Rotten Borough' system and politicians might start to represent the views and opinions of their citizens.