Friday, September 28, 2012

Amazon Ranked!

Wow, I have 'rank's on Amazon. They're very very low, of course, but I have some :-)
'Man by a tree' (now only £5.36) Bestsellers Rank: 2,196,049
'The Bethlehem Fiasco' (now only £6.08) Bestsellers Rank: 3,034,912
'The Rage of Atlantis' (now only £6.75) Bestsellers Rank: 2,992,519
What surprises me is the 3rd has overtaken the 2nd. Is there something wrong with 'Jesus' books? Especially comedy?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

So busy...201st post...

...still working on 'How to'...:'Dani's Shorts 2' coming soon...

Right at this moment in time, I'm completely up to my eyeballs. So many essays to write, so much work to proofread...but I shouldn't complain. My books are out there, I'm still getting ideas for my October short story, waiting on any news about my novelette in the competition (yeah, right), and now over 2500 views for a 200 post blog all across the globe. Also waiting for a few more reviews of my 3rd book, 'Rage' here.
...and also more downloads of my little FREE ebook here :-)

by the way...
Update: This post is getting a HUGE amount of hits!
Okay, as of 22 Sept 2013...
'Dani's Shorts' and 'TDX2' are still available FREE here...
All my other books are on Amazon :-)
Please review wherever you can :-)...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

200th Post!

Yes, it's my 200th post, and we'Re getting to 2500 views :-)
Just re-submitted 'Rage', it'll be unavailable for less than a day (not that anything's happening). Found a few embarassing typos, so I had to change them.
Working on novelette number 2...good bit about 'how to drive a car' in there, a dig at those drivers I see on the roads every day. Yes, another comedy. What did you expect? A romance? Now there's an idea...

Igen, ez az én 200. post, és egyre we'Re 2500 megtekintés :-)
Csak újra benyújtott "Rage", hogy lesz elérhető kevesebb, mint egy nap (nem, hogy bármi történik). Talált egy pár kínos helyesírási, így meg kellett változtatni őket.
Dolgozik a kisregény száma 2 ... jó kicsit ", hogyan kell vezetni egy autót" ott, a dig azokon járművezetők látom az utakon minden nap. Igen, egy másik vígjáték. Mit vártál? A románc? Most már van egy ötletem ...

Да, это моя двухсотая пост, и we'Re получать до 2500 просмотров :-)
Просто повторно представить 'Rage', это будет недоступно менее чем за день (не происходит, что все, о). Найдено несколько неловко опечаток, так что мне пришлось их менять.
Работа на повесть номер 2 ... немного о хорошем ", как водить машину" там, копать на тех водителей, я вижу на дорогах каждый день. Да, еще комедию. Что вы ожидаете?Романтика? Теперь есть идея ...


Saturday, September 22, 2012

More reviews for 'Rage' (3rd book)

Yes, there are still some people who haven't read the first chapters of my 3rd book 'Rage'...
Here are a few more bits of reviews :-)

I'm usually not a fan of this kind of writing, but I must admit you've got funny moments, e.g. the strange title on the book in chapter 1, the daily life of God in chapter two, and the 'could watch a dog grow' in chapter 3 (the chapters were so short that I read three of them). So congratulations - you made me laugh!
I couldn't really find any technical errors other than some commas out of place, and that's easily fixed.
I liked that the chapters were so short, cause it made me continue. All the other chapters on this side are so freakishly long that I eventually just skim through them to get to the point, so well done with that, haha!
Keep up the good work!

Anybody who likes Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett (and there are a lot of them around) will love this book. I actually read three chapters as they are so short...

I liked the humour – the ‘comfy fluffy slippers’ and the squirrels...

A few silly riddles+ writing again 2

I re-visited after a few months out, there wasn't much happening, except the usual guys writing the usual stuff. I added a few silly riddles I write way back in early 2011 before I wrote my books.
If you want to see them on the website to help my views, here are the links...
Yep, I'm writing another novelette ATM for a competition in October. I should be able to finish it before the end of that month. It's about a fallen angel who's lost his memory and all the monkeys think he's lost his mind, until he realises he's been receiving emergency calls from another angel. He helps him escape, but the ending isn't all so rosy...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Writing again...

Although I have a million things to do, I've started writing again. A little seed of a story is growing in my head. It's so small, I have no detailed idea where it'll go. I have a general idea, but I think it'll be similar to the new novelette in terms of POV, but maybe 2 rather than 1, with the 2 main characters' thinking. Hobgoblins, of course, and a few angels.
Watch this space...(as you do, something might happen sometime, there's always a chance...)

My preference...

I've had to read a few short stories for a course recently, some classics from Woolf, Forster and DH Lawrence. All three were fantastic, though a acquaintence said otherwise (of course).
Woolf's 'The Mark on the Wall' is so good...but not my preference. I found it way too 'greasy', if I had written something in that style...I did, many years ago, and I deleted it. I couldn't read it, I couldn't 'see' myself in it. Woolf is damn good, though.
EM Forster's 'Road from Colonus', now there's a great thing. Still, not my preference, a little too 'smooth', but fantastic back story of Greek tragedy gone wrong due to non-awareness of others.
Now, DH Lawrence 'The Rocking-Horse Winner'...much more my thing in terms of style, though it felt quite dated with the language, and so so predictable. Terrible endline, too, but a great story of a well-to-do family living on hard times.
So, my preference? I read a few chapters of my 3rd book after reading these. Isn't it great when you like your own stuff? Sometimes I think where did it all come from? How did I do that? And my new novelette...still waiting on some 'reaction' from the competition. Probably nothing - who goes for comedy fantasy?
Of course, my writing style is NOTHING compared to these GIANTS in literature, but this shows I'm such a fussy reader. I bow to their memory.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Surfing, a few surprises

Well, I went surfing, and I found myself on...
Moly (Bethlehem Fiasco)
And here, they've used a quote from my 2nd book 'The Bethlehem Fiasco', to head the page!
"Is there a right end of a camel for your head to be in?"
I think that's amazing. There are some really nice pictures of camels too :-)

Guide to 'Rage' 5 - Euristhos, Euryales and Iolus

Japan and Sri Lanka, Hello! Japan is definitely a new hit :-)
Euristhos, Euryales and Iolus - the fallguys.
There has to be someone to do the dirty work, there has to be someone who you can rely on to be stupid.
Iolus is the boss, he gets his orders from Plagamus and does as he's told, hoping in the end for some glory and profit.
Euristhos and Euryales are the stupid twins. Euryalesis the stupidest, there's even a scene where his head is so empty that the music from his walkman is louder in a room when he's wearing it...the empty space amplifies the sound.
In 'Man by a tree', it was the two following hobgoblins, Sniff and Grint. In 'Bethlehem Fiasco', it was the three thieves, and in 'Rage of Atlantis', it's these guys. Read what happens to them, they are a core to the whole action....they ARE the action.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Guide to 'Rage' 4 - Kang Dee

Kang Dee is the sole 'alien' in the Atlantean society who has some power, due to her ancestral right of command over the Letherians (huge monsters of the sea). Her race, the dolphins, represent every type of prejudiced group which ever existed: skin colour, cultural difference, disability. Saying this, it is the dolphin race who not only holds the answer to humanity's problem (the lack of intelligence in human DNA) but they also survive the 'rage' of God to de-evolve into the lovable rogues we know today. I could go on about prejudice, etc. but hey, it's late.
It's really surprising who reads this blog. Not much interest, but what there is, is spread right across the globe :-) Thanks.
If you can, get a hold of 'Rage of Atlantis', you just might like it.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Guide to 'Rage' 3 - Oediouspelus + Plagamus

Oediouspelus and Plagamus are a mix of many politicians. There are two main figures for each, though they are also parts of others, too.
(I've had to censor this post, as all stories are fiction and not based on real people or events, etc. :-) Yeah, right.
First and foremost, Oediouspelus is ......, a Prime Minister and a 'man of the people'. He is the only PM in .......... history who uses informal speech. He also treats his citizens like goldfish with short attention spans, and for his followers, he's not far off. For example, only a week ago, he blamed the EU for getting us in this needed huge loan mess with the IMF. What he forgot to say was that he was the one who got his country into the bad situation with the EU in the first place, therefore losing all financial backing from the EU, and getting the country into deep shit with the IMF.
Secondly, Oediouspelus is ..........., the man who walked away from a very stinky historical event. His father was not only President, but also Head of 'a special operations force'. And he always had his hands in the oil business. Something went on there, I'm telling ya. And he walks away a 'hero'. Are people dumb or what?
Firstly, Plagamus is ............, ex-President, accused of genocide in a war. Trials are still ongoing for some former leaders.
Secondly, Plagamus is ........., a resigned President. The reason he resigned? It was found that his dissertation was in fact a 100% word-for-word translated copy of a dissertation by someone else. So, after receiving his degree, he had 20 years of rising up in the ranks of sports committees and politics, all based on a lie.
In my book 'Rage' Oediouspelus and Plagamus make a deal with Satan for immortality, something he can't actually give...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brave New World (Aldous Huxley)

Have to read Brave New World for about the fifth time in my life, which is not a bad thing, and I realised that there are HUGE similarities between this fantastic piece of writing and my 3rd effort 'Rage of Atlantis'. The only difference (other than in writing proficiency) is that Huxley set his Utopia criticising the present in the future, and I sent it right back to the beginning of humanity. I'm quite happy I have a book like this. If you're going to 'copy' an idea, choose a great book to do it with. It wasn't planned, I just thought that it was the best way to criticise the things that have happened in our society in the last decade/year, things that people just take for granted, terror, prejudice, progress.
So, comparisons can be made. Of course, Huxley's in another class.

Guide to 'Rage' 2 - Population Project Centre

Second part...the Population Project Centre...very similar to Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World', really. Two Directors, Dreus and Creus, twins from the same tube, are in charge of keeping control of the population growth, and in which way it should continue in the future. Plagamus tries every year to enter the 'Project', but his DNA 'score' is the lowest on record. Dreus and Creus come from a long line of Directors/Scientists who know the ultimate truth - that there is a power higher than humanity, living in a place different to physical reality. These Directors have the responsibility of keeping the population's DNA 'good' for the vehicles used by the souls for the experience of physical reality. They also know that dolpin DNA was mixed with 'monkey' DNA millions of years ago to keep the intelligence within the human race, as it was almost bred out by those monkeys who thought beauty, selfishness, strength and being No.1 were the only things needed to live. I could go on...they 'grow' humans in the Population Project Centre according to instructions from 'above'.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Guide to 'Rage' 1 - the Auditor

Think I'll start a guide to 'Rage'. I've started reading it again and it's FULL of interesting ideas, NEW concepts and strange characters.
The Auditor - before the time of Graham the Grim Reaper, there was a more simple system in place, where Gabriel the angel took souls, and Satan's little hobgoblins took what he didn't. The Auditor was a 'book-keeper' for the Overlords, to check on profit levels. The Auditor was also available to both 'sides' to check on progress. Satan took him in, befriended him, and so the Auditor helped Satan do as he wished. Sadly, all things must come to an end, and so...well, Graham takes over some million or so years later, when the system gets back on its feet.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

'Rage of Atlantis' price down!!!

Yes, I did it, I put the price down for ya! Give it a few days to work through. Any takers?
'The Rage of Atlantis' - probably the funniest and deeply disturbed book you'll ever read!

$7.99 - my own createspace website (I get more royalty here)

$7.99 -

£7.50 - (special offer ATM £7.19)

8.00 - Amazon Europe (this link is to Germany)


Price going down...

Yes, I'll put the price down on my 3rd book soon. Though because it's almost 300 pages, the price can't go down too far. I can give discount codes if people buy it through my createspace websites, but because of Amazon, the price stays a little high.
Still getting good reviews / comments on this 3rd books. And waiting for any competition news...could be waiting forever....
Had a fantastic idea for another short novelette, a 'rescue mission' type thing. Will work on it...probably publish a few together.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And another great comment for 'Rage'

They keep coming...this one from someone in who's already met my writing in 'Bethlehem Fiasco'.

I came in to this read with certain expectations - and I was not disappointed. Despite the fact that poor Telausis meets a sticky end, speared and blown to bits, your quirky storyline immediately captivates the attention, and the sardonic humour absolutely shines, just as in The Bethlehem Fiasco. It is done with such a light but deft touch, so that the prose just races along and carries us with it, without the humour ever feeling forced.
For example, from the use of Ivor Tickonme and Arthur Greenwire just after we are told of the bomb, to ‘shuffling in fluffy slippers’ - you take us from the sublime to the ridiculous quite effortlessly, and it’s just lovely. And then we get to meet god, his assistant and his morning coffee in chp 2 - just as I’d hoped and expected. There was no way that I was not going to read on to chp 3, and again, I’m glad I did, because now I can’t wait to find out how Sipho and Kang Dee are going to deal with the threat from the unseen enemy.
Your writing is accomplished, fresh, and highly entertaining.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Interview still online...!

Yes, it's still there.
If only I could answer those questions again...or have another interview....or get a review in a well-known magazine or something! I have Amazon reviews, Goodreads reviews, and tons of authonomy and YouWriteOn comments, but still waiting for the big time to happen....

It's amazing...

It's amazing where this blog gets hits. I thought Brazil was a good one, but this week Vietnam popped up again, then Moldova (where?), and Morrocco, Venezuela, and even Belgium (if I dare mention the rudest word in the universe). Actually, I read that Adams used that word in the American edition of HHGTHG because the publisher didn't like the original word in the English edition, which was of course the 'f' word.
So I have no idea how people find this blog, but it's nice they do :-)
Ideas on new short stories based on the 'loose end' hobgoblins in the 1st two books. Entering another competition...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another review of 'Rage' (3rd book)

They just keep coming :-) This one is again from I'm in a 'read sharing' thread, but I'm too busy to stay on it, so I think this'll be the last review I'll get.
Here are my short and long pitches...

Bombs, angels, dolphins, hobgoblins, crazy monkeys, God in a rage, Satan on the toilet...all mixed with absurdly serious issues.
Will a selfish plan for immortality destroy the human race? Or will there be light ‘beyond’ the end of the tunnel?
High Chief of Security Sipho, with his female dolphin sidekick Kang Dee, investigates the latest in a long line of terrorist attacks by the ‘unseen’ against Atlantis, the utopian gem of the physical universe, and finds more than he could have ever imagined.

'The Rage of Atlantis'
I like your short pitch. I’m not usually keen on the “list of things in the book” variety but that’s such a good list that I’ll make an exception.
I like the long pitch too. It’s quirky and interesting - much better than giving me the whole plot.
I really like the opening. A chase is relatively common, but not one in comfy slippers.
... That’s an exceptional first couple of sentences in Ch 2. They’ve got everything - it’s funny and surprising. The red squirrel stuff is really funny too.
“I’m so tired I could watch a dog grow.” is beautiful and ridiculous. I love it....

 After just three short chapters, I wouldn’t expect to entirely understand what’s going on in a fantasy world, and I don’t. But I do see that this is fabulous writing - funny, likeable and unexpected.

"Hair" ain't where it's at! RANT

"That's about us, isn't it?"
Probably the greatest quote yet, from an acquaintance.
All my books are about 'us'. We are continuing the mistakes of our forefathers, we know no different. There is nothing left for us to do...yeah, right. There have been many civilisations and societies since our race dominated this spherical lump of dust and gas. Maybe that's the point, our race doesn't see the 'big' picture, lost in their lives perpetually repeating all around them. We can stop this. Read my books. Understand that this is not IT. As Zappa said "Hair ain't where it's at!" He wasn't talking about 'hair', well, maybe he was, but the point is this isn't it. We can be better than just selfish little monkeys hurting/killing each other to be best. There is no best, there is no worst, there is no anything. We are on a lump of matter orbiting an energy source in an infinite space/time. We are lucky to be here. We should do something about it. We should help each other. We should stop pissing around with religion, politics, war, money, and feel our responsibilities towards each other instead of trying to rip each other off, which is what we are all doing. Take a stand, be responsible for yourself and the environment around you. And while you're at it, read my books :-)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Entering Competitions again

Well, it's a new month, and I can try a few more competitions again. In August, I entered a 1000 word competition, didn't win, but I read the winner. The biggest piece of .... I've ever read. I think I'll do a parody on a winner and send it in. Honestly, it was bad, so bad. I had to go and read some good books afterwards, to make sure I wasn't affected by it. Uggh. Bit of a slow week...other than the sales :-)

Nos, ez egy újabb hónap, és én is megpróbál egy pár versenyen újra. Augusztusban, beléptem egy 1000 szót versenyt, nem nyert, de olvastam a győztes. A legnagyobb darab .... , Amit valaha olvastam. Azt hiszem, nem egy paródia a győztes, és küldje be! Őszintén szólva, nem volt rossz, olyan rossz. Kellett mennem, és olvassa el néhány jó könyvet utána, hogy biztos, hogy nem érinti. Uggh. Bit a lassú héten ... más, mint az eladási :-)

Ну, это новый месяц, и я могу попробовать еще несколько конкурсов снова. В августе, я поступил в 1000 слов конкуренции, не выиграл, но я читал победителя. Самый большой кусок .... Я когда-либо читал. Я думаю, что я буду делать пародию на победителя и отправить его дюйма Честно говоря, это было плохо, так плохо. Я должен был пойти и прочитать несколько хороших книг потом, чтобы убедиться, что я не был затронут. Uggh. Немного медленный неделю ... кроме продажи :-)

Eh bien, c'est un nouveau mois, et je peux essayer quelques compétitions plus encore. En Août, je suis entré dans une compétition de 1000 mots, n'a pas gagné, mais j'ai lu le gagnant. Le plus gros morceau de .... J'ai jamais lu. Je pense que je vais faire une parodie sur un gagnant et l'envoyer po Honnêtement, c'était mauvais, si mauvais. J'ai dû aller lire quelques bons livres après, pour m'assurer que je n'étais pas concerné par celle-ci. Uggh. Bit d'une semaine calme ... :-) autre que le chiffre d'affaires 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More good reviews for 'Rage' (Russian+Hungarian)

Here are a few more good reviews of the opening to 'Rage', my 3rd book :-) You see, it's good!!

The writing style is great, different and refreshing. Its written very well and flows nicey with no sign of needing editing.
Dialogue is great too and brings the characters to life.
Its a good opening, dramatic as is the first chapter and the ending. Coudn't wait to see where it was going. 

Enjoyable funny book.

This is a lot of fun. I read the first 3 chapters...The end of the (1st) chapter is brilliant. I love the if you can't run shuffle. I loved ch.2 as well, God's reflections were amusing and pitched just right suggesting human beings are not the masters of creation we like to think we are...Very hitchhiker's guide.

Вот еще несколько хороших отзывов об открытии на "Ярость", моя третья книга :-) Вы видите, это хорошо!

Стиль письма является большой, разный и освежает. Его очень хорошо написана и течет Nicey без признаков необходимости редактирования.
Диалог является слишком большим и приносит персонажей к жизни.
Его хорошее открытие, драматичным, как первая глава и концовка. Coudn't ждать, чтобы увидеть, где он шел.
Приятный смешной книгой.

Это очень весело. Я прочитал первые три главы ... Конец (1) глава является блестящим. Я люблю пустую, если вы не можете запустить. Я любил ч.2, а также, отражение Божьего были забавные и расположились станом правой предполагая, человеческие существа не мастера создания нам нравится думать, что мы ... Руководство Очень Автостопом.

Íme néhány jó kritikákat a nyílás a "Rage", én 3. foglalásra :-) Látod, ez jó!

Az írás stílusa nagy, más és frissítő. A nagyon jól megírt, és folyik Nicey és nincs jele igénylő szerkesztést.
Dialogue nagy is, és hozza a karaktert életre.
Ez egy jó nyitás drámai, mint az első fejezet, és a befejezést. Coudn't várom, hogy lássam, ahol megy.
Élvezetes vicces könyv.

Ez egy nagyon szórakoztató. Olvastam az első három fejezet ... A végén (1.) fejezet zseniális. Szeretem a shuffle, ha nem tud futni. Imádtam ch.2 is, Isten gondolatok voltak, szórakoztató és felverte csak jobbra utal az emberi lények nem urai a teremtés szeretjük azt gondolni, mi vagyunk ... Nagyon útikalauz stopposoknak.

Monday, September 3, 2012

UPDATE: Shakespeare---retold (MidsummerNightsDream)

Yes, crazy, but my workplace wants me to do a play with one of the worst classes in the school (UPDATE: They are one of the BEST classes now, due to this play :-)). I re-wrote Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream just for's an extract...definitely NOT Shaky Baby, but the comedy and farce is still there...
You can read it ALL here...

Act 1 Scene 2

(Quince, Snug, Bottom, Flute - beard, Snout, Starveling –long beard over shoulder)
(take chairs and sit in a semi-circle)


Are we all here?


Call out the names.


The people on this list are the best in all Athens to play before the Duke and Duchess on their wedding day.


What is the play?


A comedy, the death of Pyramus and Thisby.


Oh, very good! Please, call out the names and their parts.


Okay, okay. Nick Bottom, the weaver. You are Pyramus, the lover.


Oh goody! I shall move the audience to tears…with tears. (stands up) I will play my part with strength and spirit!

Yes…(Bottom sits down) Francis Flute, the bellows-maker, you are Thisby.


Who is Thisby? A wandering knight?


Pyramus’s lady love.


But I’ve got a beard! I can’t play a woman.




(stands up) I can play Thisby! I will speak with a little voice, “Oh, Pyramus, my love…”


No, you play Pyramus, Flute plays Thisby. (Bottom sits down)




Robin Starveling, the tailor, you play Thisby’s mother.


But I’ve got a longer beard than Flute. (beard off shoulder)


And? Tom Snout, the tinker, you play Pyramus’s father.




I myself will play Thisby’s father. Snug?




You play the lion.


How many lines has the lion got?


The lion roars.


Oh yes, so it does.


Let me play the lion! (stands up) I can roar like no other! (roar)


And you will frighten the Duchess. They would hang us all!


I will roar quietly, then.(roar)


You play Pyramus. Pyramus is the best part.


Excellent! Do I need a beard?


Why not? They have one.

(walking away, talking under Quince) 
I will have a long beard, orange and yellow, with purple and blue streaks and…yes…


There are your parts, learn them well. We meet in the woods tomorrow night.


We will meet! Practise, and ’adieu’.
(all wave and leave – take chairs)

Sales are lovely :-) (Russian,German,Hungarian, Australian (kidding))

I love it when I get a sale :-) Not because there's any money in it, because there isn't, especially if someone buys off Amazon, they give so little royalty, it's unbelievable. My CreateSpace sites give me 'some' money, but still not much. No, it's not the money. It's the knowledge that someone else will enter the world of Dani J Caile, or at least attempt to. I haven't had many sales in England, but that's not surprising, my books rip their priorities, their foundations and lifestyle to hell. Only those who see a different view buy my books. Or friends and relatives HA :-)
And when I get more than one sale in the day from the same region, is that 2 or more people, or 1 with a lot of hands who likes to read 2 or more books consecutively? A 3 armed man on the metro intensely reading MBAT, BF and Rage?
Had a great short story spinoff idea about Sniff and Grint from MBAT, might just write it up :-)

Я люблю, когда мне добраться до продажи :-) Не потому, что есть деньги в это, потому что нет, особенно если кто-то покупает от Amazon, роялти Они дают так мало, это невероятно. Мои сайты CreateSpace дать мне «некоторые» деньги, но все же не так много. Нет, это не деньги. Это кто-то знаний боль еще войдет в мире Daniel J Caile или, по крайней мере, попытаться. У меня не так много сил продажам в Англии, но это не удивительно, мои книги сорвать их приоритеты, фонды и их образ жизни в ад. Те, кто видят только другой взгляд купить мои книги. Друзья и родственники или HA :-)
И когда я получаю больше, чем один день от продажи в одном регионе, два или более человек пострадал, или один с большим количеством рук, кто любит читать два или более последовательно книг?3-вооруженный человек на метро чтении интенсивно MBAT, BF и ярость?
Имел отличный короткий идея рассказа о продолжениях от MBAT Sniff и Гринт, может просто написать об этом :-)

Imádom, amikor kapok egy eladó :-) Nem azért, mert van olyan pénz, mert nincs, főleg, ha valaki vásárol ki Amazon, adnak olyan keveset szerzői jogdíj, ez hihetetlen. Erre CreateSpace oldalak adj 'Néhány' pénzt, de még mindig nem sok. Nem, ez nem a pénz. Ez az a tudat, hogy valaki más lép a világ Dani J Caile, vagy legalábbis kísérletet. Még nem volt sok értékesítés Angliában, de ez nem meglepő, a könyveimet rip azok prioritásait, azok az alapítványok és életmód a pokolba. Csak azok, akik a más véleményen vásárolni könyveimet. Vagy barátoktól és rokonoktól HA :-)
És ha még több, mint egy eladó a nappalt az ugyanabban a régióban az, hogy két vagy több ember, vagy egy a sok kéz, aki szeret olvasni két vagy több könyvet egymás után? A három fegyveres férfi a metró intenzív olvasás MBAT, BF és a Rage?
Volt egy nagy elbeszélés spinoff ötlet Sniff és Grint származó MBAT, talán csak írd fel :-)

Ich liebe es, wenn ich einen Verkauf :-) Nicht zu bekommen, weil es kein Geld drin, denn es ist nicht, besonders wenn jemand off Amazon kauft, sie so wenig Lizenzgebühren zu geben, es ist unglaublich. Meine CreateSpace Sites mir "etwas" Geld, aber immer noch nicht viel. Nein, es ist nicht das Geld. Es ist das Wissen, dass jemand anderes die Welt von Dani J Caile geben, oder zumindest versucht. Ich habe nicht viele Verkäufe in England, aber das ist nicht verwunderlich, reißen meine Bücher ihre Prioritäten, ihre Grundlagen und Lifestyle in die Hölle. Nur diejenigen, die eine andere Ansicht kaufe meine Bücher zu sehen. Oder Freunden und Verwandten HA :-)
Und wenn ich mehr als ein Verkauf in den Tag zu kommen aus der gleichen Region, ist, dass zwei oder mehr Personen, oder mit einer Menge Hände, die zwei oder mehr Bücher nacheinander ausgelesen mag? Ein drei bewaffneten Mann auf dem U-Bahn intensiv gelesen MBAT, BF und Rage?
Had a great short story Spinoff Ahnung Sniff und Grint aus MBAT könnten einfach schreiben es :-)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blood is life / Кровь есть жизнь.- read my books / читать мои книги

It's all about blood, really. Life. I hated living in England, but I'm British, on paper. The blood flowing through my veins isn't. No, I'm not black or Asian, I'm European. 1st level, British, American. But then, what are they? Britain is a land of invaders, and America is a land of colonists. I actually have British, Scottish, Irish, Slovakian and Czech blood. And if you go further back, you'll probably find Polish and maybe even Hungarian.
In all my 3 books (so far) blood is important. Man by a tree, Graham loses blood everytime he delivers a soul, plus he has 'blood' on the surface (only if you read the end will you know that one). The Bethlehem Fiasco, it's all about Jesus getting some blood from Michael, and then Satan wanting some of Jesus's (read it all, it's a fantastic book). The Rage of Atlantis, blood everywhere, in the library, murders, mixed race DNA, family DNA traces: it's so full of blood it's unbelieveable, and you might not even notice it (read it, it's the BIGGEST big you'll ever read...honest)
Macbeth was all about blood. In fact, most of Shakespeare was about blood. Because blood is life.

Это все о крови, на самом деле. Жизнь. Я ненавижу, живущих в Англии, но я Великобритании, на бумаге.Кровь течет в моих жилах нет. Нет, я не черный или азиатские, европейские я. 1-го уровня, английские, американские. Но тогда, что же они? Великобритания является страной захватчиков, и Америка является страной колонистов. Я на самом деле имеют британские, шотландские, ирландские, чешские и словацкие крови. И если вы идете дальше, вы найдете Наверное, может быть, даже польском и английском языках.

Во всех моих трех книг (пока) крови также важно. Дерево Человек Грэм теряет кровь каждый раз, когда он доставляет душе, плюс у него есть "кровь" на поверхности (только если вы читали конец один будет больно вы знаете).Fiasco Вифлееме, это все о том, чтобы кровь Иисуса, Майкл, и тогда сатана желание некоторых Иисуса (читать все это, это фантастическая книга).Ярость Atlantis, кровь повсюду, в библиотеке, убийства, смешанной расы, ДНК, следы семье ДНК: это так полна крови, это невероятное, и вы можете даже не заметить его (читал, это самая большая большая вы когда-либо читали честно ...)