Friday, May 31, 2013

Post on Robbie Cox's blog! +

Tomorrow I'll have a post on Robbie Cox's blog, The Mess That Is Me :-)
I hope it'll give me a little more exposure, I sure need it!
A friend of mine is helping out editing 'Manna-X''s coming, really. Next week, perhaps?
Another gave me an idea for another story...but first 'Manna-X'. Trees are a main element in the book, in the background somewhere, but still there. We are still monkeys, firmly stuck to those trees...
Here are just a few things you can find in 'Manna-X'...(other than a 1000 other things)
- a new 'fly in my soup' joke (okay, maybe not new but has a new dimension)
- King Solomon's most sacred artifacts ('artifacts' is pushing it)
- Moses and his 'snake' crook (there are a few other snakes in there too)
- the Manna machine (yes, it is in there somewhere)
- crazy non-physical entities (who have absolutely 'no idea'...)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Poetry of a Madman

Somehow I got a free copy of this book, 'Poetry of a Madman' by Jason Alan.
It's been sitting on my phone for a while, and I was running through the books on it and came across this.
I'm not into poetry much, wouldn't mind having the time to write some but I don't.
But this book of poems really has to be read, there are some wonderful pieces here. Check it out.
Also revisiting 'Solaris', the 1972 'Solyaris' by Andrei Tarkovsky, it's available on in two halves, part 1 and part 2. When I first watched this movie, I thought what? Then I knew. If you haven't seen it, please watch.
And lastly, 'Manna-X'...noticed I forgot to put Chapter 11's title in! That would have been embarrassing. Waiting on my English editor...:-) Then I can publish!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Watched Big Trouble again

Yes, I watched the movie 'Big Trouble' again, and I see the similarities between my style and Dave Barry's...but his seems a little stretched, unreal, whereas mine is nuts but plausible. I haven't read his book yet, but the film had ongoing jokes, like the 'Discovery' channel thing, for strange information given by the characters. It was said once too often, I was waiting for a character to say 'Disney' channel, now that would've been funny. The characters were all a little flat too, Tim Allen's character had some real dumb stereotypical lines.
Overall, I liked the movie, though it was a bit flat, and I hope that if anyone ever makes a movie out of one of my books (yes, I'm still working on scripts), that it'll be better than that. Wait, what am I saying! I'll be lucky if I can get 1% of the sales Dave Barry did! Congrats to Dave!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Beta-reader feedback on Manna-X

Last night I went to my kid's piano recital...her piece was 2 minutes long. It was good, I like music. Doug from 'Man by a tree' is me, except that I didn't (spoiler alert) and didn't (another spoiler alert) and I certainly didn't (yet another spoiler alert).
AND I got my first beta-reader's feedback! He compared my book to 'Big Trouble' by Dave that can't be bad...well, after looking at the Amazon page and watching the movie, I think that perhaps he meant 'roughly'...anyway, he only said great things about it! Caught a few good typos, too.
Another beta-reader is also running through it and highly praising it. I think I have a winner.
If the readers realise it's on the internet.
I'll have an article on Robbie Cox's blog 'The Mess That Is Me' ( in a week or two, I'll post the link as soon as it's up! All for exposure...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Manna-X update - almost done editing

Russia, USA, United Kingdom, Serbia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Canada, France, Poland, Macau, Hungary, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, China, Sweden, United Arab name a few more countries this blog has got views from this week! 
The Big 5 are of course, USA, Russia, UK, Hungary and Germany... with the Netherlands, Ukraine, France, Poland the Top 10.
News? Well, I've polished 'Manna-X', re-writing the acknowledgements piece and working on the amendments from my beta-readers. I'm really excited about this 4th big book of mine. It has everything I wanted in it, and what I feel as a fantastic end line which sums it all up...on many different levels, personal and philisophically and (blah blah blah) :-)~ I never really like getting too deep when describing my writing.
All I can say is that my books are screenplays for the mind....Hey! That's going in the acknowledgement!
And after this latest 'polish', I can say that this is my best 'all-rounder'.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Surprised post

It surprises me when I see who is reading my blog. Of course, I have absolutely no idea exactly 'who' but I know the countries. Today, Brazil, Pakistan to name but a few. Who are you? Why are you here? Who or what sent you? What are your motives?
I'm happy you're here...make me happier, buy a book, read my stuff, laugh, think and make a difference :-)
Getting to the end of editing 'Manna-X' with the help of a few friends, polishing up quite nicely. It's strange how a few words here and there can make all the difference between good and great.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Another win! Caption Competition!

Well, well, 2 wins in 2 days!
I entered Clive Eaton's (author of The Pyramid Legacy) Caption Competition, the 2nd week in a row, and won!
I re-used a quote from a Batman movie about hungry dogs to make a joke, and I won! (There couldn't have been many entries, really) :-) See the caption and picture here (the dog in a Batman suit)
Just entered again, for the 3rd time. You never know...(My caption for the new one is..."Nah the plugs are okay! Try it again!" (man on car in water))

And a big 'thank you' to Anonymous Á for donating 'Bethlehem Fiasco' to the school library. The kids now have twice as much chance to be a victim of Dani J Caile...perhaps even more so, that book could turn heads..:-)~

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Iron Challenge 11 - WINNER!

A win! Finally I won something! But only with huge support, only with the help of my friends!
Thank you to everyone who helped!
Hopefully there will be 'Winners' book, and I'll be published elsewhere...a dream come true...well, almost :-)~Here's the result...
...Manna-X...soon, still in editing, getting better every day :-)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New review on (Bethlehem Fiasco)

...still working on 'How to'...:'Dani's Shorts 2' coming soon...

Okay, as of 22 Sept 2013...
'Dani's Shorts' and 'TDX2' are still available FREE here...
All my other books are on Amazon :-)
Please review wherever you can :-)...
And I'll be in the Iron Writer Autumn Equinox Open VERY soon. Please get your voting fingers ready :-)

Fantastic! I've got another review...for 'Bethlehem Fiasco' this time, from 'Rebecca'...thank you, every review moves me closer to more readers...more reviews, more interest, more people who are willing to try and read a book!
So, here it is on I've also copied it here :-)
It's an 'Amazon Verified Purchase'...well, it was yesterday, I don't know what's happened now...

4.0 out of 5 stars Exceptionally Entertaining 13 May 2013

By Rebecca


The Bethlehem Fiasco is an outstandingly entertaining version of the world's most famous story. Dani J Caile's intriguingly imaginative writing creates characters and scenes that are worthy of great chortling from the off. The book is fun to read with good pace and structure and, dare I say, is uncomfortably believable!
Definitely one to buy if you appreciate Monty Python type comedy; definitely not one to buy if you're a staunch believer of the Christian faith!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Iron Writers + Manna-X Update

So far so good, 38 votes against the closest 16...but it ain't over until the fat lady sings, and my is she fat (and a little miserable on the side)!
If I win, there's a chance I'll be in a compilation of winners at the end of it all...that's why I'm 'having a go'.
Where was I? Oh yes, added a few things to 'Manna-X' the other, yes, that's it. I realised that there was also one comment in particular in 'TDX2' that I would like to say again, so I did! I re-worded it a little, but who's to say ya can't recycle the same thing, especially if it's a corker!
So, just waiting for my reader to come back to me, maybe the end of this week, and then I'll publish (once it has been ironed out, of course!)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Not asking for flattery!

Am I upset? No.
Am I asking my readers to 'flatter' me with good reviews on Amazon? NO.
All my readers have said only GOOD things about my books, either on other websites or by personal communication. All I'm asking is that a few of you go just one more step...I know some of you already have, and I thank you for that!
I am not a published writer, I don't have a group of editors, agents and a large team of marketing personel pushing me on the internet and in shops (even if I were in the shops). They do exactly what I'm asking from readers, to help the 'push'. When a new book comes out, they already have dozens of readers ready to review the book and give it some exposure, before it's even in the shops. They have interviews set up, reviews ready for literary's big business.
Anyway. If you can, please review on Amazon :-) If you can't, just read and enjoy :-) That's what it's all about, anyway!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Requesting Reviews on Amazon!

I've got 100s and 100s of comments from readers of all my books (including the one still in editing) -I estimate the figure of 'good things' said to be close to a 1000 people, with 2 Indians who hated my books due to their religious beliefs (AND I have a review on Goodreads from 1 - why me?)...but very few reviews on Amazon! has almost 1 per book, has 1, 'Rage' has 2 reviews!
I know roughly how many readers there are out there...I really really need some reviews. If only 10% of you put a review on, things might start to happen! Your reviews make my books sell. Now matter how many times I tweet, say good things, gain exposure doing competitions and interviews, it's YOU, the READER who are the only person who can help me get into the 'light where I belong'. No one believes 'self'-flattery.
Lately, readers have asked me why I'm not famous yet. Well, you could help by putting 20+ words on Amazon. You have said SO many good things AWAY from Amazon, perhaps if you said it there, something might work. With one little step like that, you could be part of something BIG! It's the individual who changes the world, not the group, the group only follows...baa

Let's try a little 'Google Translate' :-) Always good for a laugh! (I wonder what it's like in Russian, Spanish and French?)

Я знаю примерно, сколько читателей есть там ... Я действительно очень нужны отзывы. Если только 10% вы положили мнение о, все могло начинают происходить! Ваши отзывы делают мои книги продают. Теперь важно, сколько раз я Tweet, говорят хорошие вещи, усиления воздействия делает соревнований и интервью, это ты, читатель, который является единственным человеком, который может помочь мне попасть в "свет, которому я принадлежу. Никто не верит 'self'-лести.
В последнее время читатели спрашивают меня, почему я не известная еще. Ну, вы могли бы помочь, поставив 20 + слова на Amazon с 5-звездочным. Вы сказали очень много хороших вещей ДАЛЕКО от Amazon, возможно, если бы вы сказали, что там, что-то может работать. С одного маленького шага, возможно, вам может быть частью чего-то большого! Это человек, который изменил мир, а не группа, группа только следует бе ...

más o menos el número de lectores que hay por ahí ... Yo realmente necesito algunos comentarios. Si sólo el 10% de los que puso un comentario, las cosas podrían empezar a suceder! Sus comentarios hacen que mis libros se venden. Ahora importa cuántas veces me tweet, decir cosas buenas, la exposición a ganancia haciendo concursos y entrevistas, es usted, el lector, que es la única persona que puede ayudarme a entrar en la "luz que me corresponde '. Nadie cree 'self'-adulación.
Últimamente, los lectores me han preguntado por qué no soy famoso todavía. Bueno, se podría ayudar al poner 20 palabras + en Amazon con un 5 estrellas. Tú lo has dicho muchas cosas buenas LEJOS de Amazon, tal vez, si usted dijo que no, que algo podría funcionar. Con un pequeño paso como ese, podría ser parte de algo grande! Es la persona que cambia el mundo, no el grupo, el grupo sólo sigue ... baa

Je sais à peu près combien de lecteurs il ya là-bas ... J'ai vraiment besoin de quelques commentaires. Si seulement 10% d'entre vous mis votre avis, les choses pourraient commencer à arriver! Vos commentaires font mes livres se vendent. Maintenant, peu importe combien de fois je tweet, dire de bonnes choses, l'exposition de gain à faire des compétitions et des entrevues, c'est vous, le lecteur qui êtes la seule personne qui peut m'aider à entrer dans la «lumière où j'appartiens. Personne ne croit 'self'-flatterie.
Dernièrement, les lecteurs m'ont demandé pourquoi je ne suis pas encore célèbre. Eh bien, vous pourriez nous aider en mettant 20 + mots sur Amazon avec un 5 étoiles. Vous avez dit tellement de bonnes choses loin de Amazon, peut-être, si vous l'avez dit, quelque chose pourrait fonctionner. Avec un petit pas comme ça, vous pourriez faire partie de quelque chose de grand! C'est l'individu qui change le monde, pas le groupe, le groupe suit seulement ... baa

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Iron Writer's Challenge 11 is on!

Okay, it's on, the Iron Writer Challenge 11!  was scheduled earlier, number 4 I think, but I was on holiday that week. I still wrote a story because the organiser sent me an e-mail, then realised he'd changed my date, a story about a Vampire Hunter and Vampires on the beach (see this post).
But now the REAL thing! 4 writers, 4 elements, 500 words, 4 days (writers are given only 4 days to write the story)
The 4 elements were...
...yes, every week they're like this, I think the organiser has a shoe's all very brown, as you can see, I guess that's why I gave it that title...anyway, I wrote a 500 word story, and now it's up on the website to read (along with 3 other stories from 3 other writers using the same 4 elements). Please read and vote :-)
This might even be my new genre, Dectective Brad Shaw...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some Agent should pick me up...

These comments just keep coming, though no one is listening...
Got this comment from Brian G Chambers on, his book 'Mary's Magic Muffins & Other Tales for Children' is running up to the Editor's Desk at the moment (rank: 20). I backed his book to help him there, so he read a bit of 'Man by a tree', and this is what he said...

Hi Dani
What can I say. I love it, I love it. The humour and wit hits you right from the off. A great, and original piece of writing here. I read to the end of chapter 10, and couldn't help smiling all the way. There is nothing I can fault with this. It is writing at its best. If I were you I wouldn't waste my time on here trying to make it to the desk. I would find myself an agent right away. You are clearly a very clever writer, so you should have these stories (I take it for granted that the others you have written are as good as this) out there so that the world can read them. You will have a huge following. Full stars from me.

This kinda thing makes me believe in humanity again...:-) ...but my sales are still the same as before...:-(

...but hey! One new fan a day...keeps the bridge at bay...?? Can't wait to launch 'Manna-X'

Monday, May 6, 2013

Manna-X 1st edit is ready!

Yes, the 1st edit of 'Manna-X' is done and my first 'beta-reader' is reading it as we speak. It's hard for a writer to assess their own work, and my 1st reader is a very busy person at this moment, he's 'becoming famous' right now. Good luck to him! I'm so envious! (I'm sure you all know who I'm referring to).
And now it comes down to on Amazon is what I need, so I guess I'd better find more 'beta-readers'...
How do I feel about the book? I don't think I could have gone any further than I did, this is quite possibly the 'oddest' thing I've ever written. There were some parts I laughed out loud at, and that's after reading it for about the 10th time. There are some lines which are direct references to great works of literature, and only those who know will know...and there are some which are connected to trash/popular films. I think it's all in this one, the humor, the quirkiness, the seriousness, the strangeness, the classics... maybe this is the one which will go 'all the way'...'that's the way they go'....:-)

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Yes, the title of this post is 'ill'...I have a temperature ATM.
Found 'Jim Jam' on my TV...there's a program with 2 white puppet seals, they find things and put them on their heads...I can't believe someone got paid for that...then there's 'Kipper', those ducks in the pond should be twice the size, those animals are always throwing food at them...and then there's....blah blah...but 'The Mighty Jungle', luv it! That's what my old project 'Let's Go' should've looked like, and not the dark, miserable, Hunglish (Hungarian English) crap that Project Manager turned it into...
I'm ill, I need to work, need to edit, need to get ready for final exams, etc. but all I can do is use my last few brain cells and 3 remaining fingers to type this post up...:-)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Iron Writer Challenge 11- May 9th!

Look! I'm in the Iron Writer Challenge! Put May 9th in your calendars!! (I'll write a post, of course)
I've already written the 500 (exact) word story, and I like it :-) Perhaps it's a glimpse of a new future genre....

And, yes, it had to come, I've been banned from playing in Brigg's playground...[censored because I'm very very very paranoid...:-)]

So, here's the last time you'll see my 55 worders, here, not there :-)
The last 3 got into 'Manna-X' in some form or another...yes, I'm still editing...

Not Me (January 2013)
The pints flowed that night in the pub, him and me drinking through his personal hell. His girlfriend was pregnant and he knew it wasn’t him. I backed him up all the way, I’d help him find the guy. I’d make sure he wouldn’t find out it was me.

A True Teen Adventure (February 2013)
The sweat oozed through his vest, every step was agony.
Was it idiotic to brave the onslaught from this dragon in its foreboding lair?
Closer to his goal, with one last breath he was ready to suffer whatever backlash fate decreed. He pointed to them.
“A packet of three, please.”
“Ribbed or regular?”
It's a Mystery (March 2013)
The blonde or brunnette, I couldn’t decide.
The blonde evoked nights of lust and passion,
the brunnette the usual romantic, sweet night cuddled by the fire.
The blonde.
“Come, let’s roam the streets and scream the houses down.”
“Not likely. Me and Flo here are gonna go eat that fish supper in the kitchen bowl.”
It doesn't matter (March 2013)
“Decide. Is this okay?”
“It doesn’t matter.”
“Like this?”
“No, not like that.”
“No, turn it around. Yes. No. Like that.”
“Like this?”
“Yes, that’s better. Err… no, no, it’s not.”
“So, it doesn’t matter?”
“No, no, it doesn’t matter.”
“Like this?”
“No, not like that! Oh, I’ll do it.”
In the night (April 2013)
“What if someone was paying attention? What if someone heard? What if someone cares?” He peeped through the curtains to the empty street.
“What if you just shut up and come and help me with the body.”
“Right. What if…?”
“What if I put this crowbar over your fat head?”
“Okay, got it.”
What if he was right (April 2013)
What if he was right?
“There is!”
“An afterlife! I must get back to tell!”
“Yes, I called emergency before I took the pills.”
“You didn’t read the box properly, or reckon on those new roadworks, did you?”
“Don’t worry, stupidity is not part of the criteria for going up…”

Thursday, May 2, 2013

No need for fanatics...

Before I go off on a rant, I just wanna say, congratulations for Jasper T. Scott on his successful launch of his new book 'Dark Space'. He's just tweeted that he had over 2500 downloads!
If I could get even a minute quantity of those numbers, I'd be happy! TDX2, my free novelette, is at 146 downloads, and 'Lejöttünk?' (only the 1st 4 small parts of MBAT in Hungarian..almost half the 1st day of 7) has had 123 views.

Still battling with my destroyed master document of 'Manna-X', what with it's missing bits. I'm at 28,000 words with the 1st read and hit a few things to 'iron out'. Just can't wait to release it...okay, don't all shout at once!

And now a little rant...Hungary has banned (limited) the use of certain symbols, the swastika, arrow cross, red star and hammer & sickle...maybe that should be the 'Sziget' festival T-shirt for this year...just to confuse those left and right wing people...we need fanatics and politics like we need organised religions...NOT! (As they used to say in the 90s)