Saturday, March 30, 2013

Iron Writer Challenge 500 wrd story part 1

Yes, I got myself into this competition, the date that was given to me was March 28th. Unfortunately, I found out I would be on a 5 day holiday then (so yes, I'm on holiday now :-)). So the guy running it got me changed to May 9th.
On March 28th, I got an email with my 4 elements. Not knowing what to do, I thought about a story while driving to my holiday destination and typed it into an e-mail later that night. After a few emails, I found out it was a mistake on his part, and that I'm still May 9th, and that I'll need to write another 500 word story for the challenge, with 4 new elements, with 3 days to write a story. Now I have an excellent 500 word story with nowhere to here it is :-) Please comment on it. Perhaps I'll send it to an online magazine...

Hunting on the Beach

"Let me guess, you’re a vampire slayer?” The suncreamed brute of a man stood in his way.
"Why, yes, I am. What ever gave me away? My swarve charismatic persona, my rippling muscular physique, my…?”
"That 1880 Vampire Hunter Kit slung across your back.”
Tom grabbed the kit and held it in front of his naked body.
"Oh, yeah.” The element of surprise was lost.
"And that’s one hell of a ’wooden stake’ you’ve got there.” The man pointed down to Tom’s protrusion.
"Ah. Yeah, err, sorry, I’m not really used to this, I guess.” He tried to hide his modesty with the kit but the strap was too short, so he moved his bumbag to the front. The man held his ground.
"So, what’s a vampire slayer like you doing in a nudist colony like this?” The man lifted his sunglasses and gave Tom a wink.
"Err…fishing? Yes, fishing.”
"With a rod like that, I guess so.”
Maybe it was time for Tom to make a quick getaway before things got a little complicated. He was on a mission, not a pick up.
"Fishing for what?”
Names of fish ran through his mind, but only one came out.
"Yes, carp.” As good a fish as any.
"But carp is a river fish.” The man crossed his arms.
"And? Your point is?” Tom tried not to look down, he grabbed his bumbag for protection.
"This is a beach.”
They both looked around, taking in the scene with naked bodies sunbathing, playing, dipping in the ocean.
"So what are you really here for?”
Tom raked his brains, and pulled out his mobile phone charger from his bumbag.
"Looking for a place to plug this in.” He smiled at the man, then realised that might have given him the wrong impression.
"I can think of one or two places you could stick that.” The man moved closer. "Come on, what are you really here for?”
"I’m, err…” The secret was out, anyway. "I’m on the trail of a renowned vampire.”
The man took a step back.
"You don’t say! Well, have you found this ’vampire’ yet?”
"Err, no, not yet.”
"On the beach somewhere?”
"Err, no.”
"In the midday sun?”
Come to think of it, there was something wrong with his initial plan.
"Just how many vampires have you killed, sonny?”
"Tons!” Tom stood proud, but unfortunately the kit still didn’t reach.
"Really?” The man stared Tom out.
"Are you sure?”
"Okay, none…but I’m keen to get started!”
"Yes…hey!” The man suddenly pointed inland. "I just saw a bat! Over there!”
Tom grabbed his vampire kit and looked in the direction the man had indicated.
"Over there, see?”
It could be the lead Tom needed! He nodded to the man and sped off across the sand, following the man’s pointing finger.
As Tom disappeared into the grassy area connecting the beach to land, Nosferatu turned back to his friends playing volleyball.
"Hey Vlad! Any chance of a game?”

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2 things a writer needs...

1 thing a writer needs...
1. readers!

2 things a writer needs to write...
1. a writing skill
2. an interesting story

The first can be learnt, the second cannot.
The story should flow like water...
I always get this comment..."I'm not a fan of this genre, but I had to keep reading..." I think that means I may have both.
I remember Jo Lynn's first attempt at her Editor's Desk book "Who Killed the President?" She had the 2nd but not the 1st. Now, of course, over 6 months down the line, she got it, it's VERY good.
Another, new guy, Dieter Keller, who commented on 'Manna-X', he has the 2nd and is working on the 1st...he will get there :-)

Unfortunately, that's not the whole story. You need good maerketing, too. Reviews, interviews and good artwork...which I still haven't got...:-(
I found Skottie Young's work here...
It's great, just right for the books, but...
1. he's busy
2. said no one would do it for free... "need to put bread on the table"
...I hear ya, Skottie!

I can't believe you aren't already famous

As well as his fantastic review of 'Rage' on Amazon, Jasper (I hope I can use first name terms now, he's one of the only self-published authors I can read without...)...where was I? Yes, Jasper sent me his honest opinion, writer to writer. Well, I now have a big head :-) BUT he did hit on my biggest ARTWORK!
I really need a cartoonist to make me some covers for my books. There was a guy from India who offered his services cheap (not cheap enough, of course, cheap for me being free)..(and another guy from India who wanted to translate my books, but that's a different story), but his style would have been good for horror and erotic books, not comedy fantasy.
Jasper also said one of the most wonderful things I've heard so far...
"I kept thinking as I read it that I can't believe you aren't already famous." that's just, well, what a great guy!
I'm also up on an author database, maybe it'll help...

Monday, March 25, 2013

5 star review on Amazon (Rage)

Oh, unbelievable! I just received a 'dream' review from another author, Jasper T Scott!
5 star review of 'Rage'
It says everything about the book I hoped someone would :-)
Here it is...

5.0 out of 5 stars Douglas Adams is Back!, March 25, 2013
by Jasper T. Scott

If you loved Douglas Adams, then you're bound to love Dani J. Caile! Rage of Atlantis is a good detective story with lively characters and surprisingly strong writing. There are the usual improbable elements which you find in, say, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but those are the very same elements which make you smile and burst into laughter. Dani's writing is witty and engaging, and his plot in this novel is well-developed and kept my interest all the way through. Using parody, Dani deals with some unexpectedly deep and human issues, and although you may need an open mind to read Dani's work, I can promise that if you do open your mind to read this book, you'll find Rage of Atlantis to be a stunning read--I certainly did. 

Thank you, Jasper :-)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Writing is FUN

If I can find the time, writing is FUN. The things you can come up with!
I was in character, Satan, trying to write a dialogue and I had to take out the rubbish. Out the front door of the flat, out the front door of the communal house and rubbish goes into the bin outside. I put the code in to open the door and it doesn't work. I try again and realise it doesn't work...again. It's dark, minus 3, I'm in my joggy bottoms and t-shirt, no phone, no key, and in character, Satan. The skinhead walking by gave me some space...
...but then when I was able to get in, I wrote my 'acknowledgement' to the 'fly in my soup' joke :-)

MSND + Waiting for Godot

Just re-read this, my ESL version of Midsummer Night's Dream. Someone in France was interested in it. I haven't seen it for a while. Makes me chuckle :-) Class 6c did a fantastic job.
Reading a thesis on Waiting for Godot at the moment, good stuff. How I LOVE the play.
On ONE level (of many), the characters are insignificant, they carry the story, and the symbols express the message of the writer, whatever that may be, because it is up to the reader to interpret what they see and hear. Only the audience is of importance. Hello. :-)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Manna-X cover

I don't know how he did it, but Sean Connolly actually commented for 'Manna-X' on 'Man by a tree'...I think. So, I have 3 great comments for the back cover!
I have found that if you create the frame, the rest will appear ...and it has! (put a frame around it and it becomes art - something Frank Zappa said) This morning I worked out 95% of 'Manna-X' to find time to write it all up :-)
Here is the cover :-) I like to keep them simple. Imagine that on your shelf...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Zir and the Anti-book

I love Waiting for Godot, in my honest opinion, Beckett's masterpiece. And that's what I try to reach, my masterpiece. As far as I can say, they've ALL been mastepieces :-)~ Well, someone has to believe, why not me?
Anyway, my latest, Manna-X, is growing, or more specifically, Zir is growing. Who is Zir? He is bad. Very bad, even worse than those guys in 'Rage'. Satan, the devil, is just a character created from religious thought, but Zir encompasses the empathetic evil of the universe, Zir IS the tonal, the flow, above words, names, good and bad, Zir IS. Zir will grow like a plague in the book. He starts off as one sentence, then a paragraph, until he becomes a full blown character, the evilest piece of work ever. But don't take it out on him, he's just what he is.
And there is a structure growing in my head for the book, very different from the others. MBAT is a mesh of plots culminating in a volcanic end, BF follows one poor guy through to the end, Rage has roads leading to final destruction, while Manna-X is like a 'anti-book'...:-) But you'll love it, you won't feel a thing :-)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Back Page comments

I'm a killer for back page comments on my books :-) Some of you haven't seen them, I'm sure, as you'd need to buy the Print version to see them. I also have a 'swear free zone' label on the back. So, here they are, those writers (and their books) who were so nice to allow me to print what they said :-)
Man by a tree
"The sole purpose of a book is to be read"...err, sorry, that one's me :-)
"Sharp, dark and sardonic are rarely found wrapped in a single package" Greg Levin (Notes on an Orange Burial). Greg was the 2nd to make me believe in my writing, though he still hasn't followed me on twitter!
"I've fallen in love" Bryn Hammond (Amagalant). A strange Australian writer with an even stranger writing style - I love it!
"a damned good tale" Fredrik Nath (The Cyclist - A World War II Thriller). Fred was the FIRST person to ever comment on any of my writing. And his is fantastic! He even put Man by a tree on his own website.
The Bethlehem Fiasco
"Irreverent, quirky and fun" Fredrik Nath (The Cyclist - A World War II Thriller). Yes, Fred was so nice, he even gave me a comment for my 2nd book :-)
"...a light and breezy read..." Iso Nuys (Paid on Return) Sadly, I can't find his book anywhere. it was VERY good.
"I loved it!" Dave Tarragon (The Chemo Diairies) Dave changed to Dave Crews, and this book can only be seem in part on It's a true story, well worth a read!
The Rage of Atlantis
"Hilarious" Eponymous Rex (Bot). Bot was the fastest moving book on EVER. It's one hell of a read. Here is the Amazon link to BOT . He also put Man by a tree on his website
"Amazing" J.T. Bennett (Four Corners) Man of few words, nice book, too.
"Flash Gordon meets Water-world" Karen Bates (Faking it in France) Great book about living in France :-)
"Wow" Jo Lynn (Who Killed the President?) I remember when this book was an unreadable draft, and only recently, it hit No.1 on Now a damn fine read. I don't think it's in print yet, though.
"Heck, I'd buy it." Leon Gower (Universal Constance) Actually, I don't think he ever did, but at least he said he would...:-)
...this post took am hour to put together, hope you enjoyed it :-)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

55 worder from 'Manna-X'

Yes, I put that little dialogue on Briggs' website. You can find it here to vote on it.
Unfortunately, that site is suffering from negative voting from those overzealous friends of other please vote well :-)
I will also compete in the Iron Writer's Challenge on May the 9th. Writers are given 4 elements and need to write a 500 word story which includes all 4. There may even be a compilation book made from the stories...more exposure!
This week one new reader said my characters are 'flat'...our own character is made from what we do and what we say, it's the same in my books. They are not made by physical descriptions.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Manna-X snippet :-)~

Just had to :-)~

"Oh come on guys…"
"When in Rome." All three were sitting on large mangalicas, smelly long-haired wild pigs, a kolbasz speciality, Ekron brandishing his short fat hobgoblin sword on a red-haired monster, Sniff wiping his nose continuously on the neck of his white beast, whereas Grint was crushing a black grunt and eating some rancid chicken he'd found on the way. Graham turned his pale horse back towards their target, shaking his head.
"When are you guys going to take anything seriously?"
"How about now, dead boy." Ekron smacked his pig on it's hind and it gave a screech before speeding off to its prey. Sniff and Grint's rides rallied to its call, they held on as all three sped past Graham. Grint lost his chicken.
"Does anyone have a spare sandwich or casserole?"
"Hey! Wait up!" Graham kicked his ride and in no time had passed the strange looking trio and was heading straight for the clearing where Zir held Fiona hostage.

Romance Post

Yes, I know I do quirky sardonic comedy, but there was once a time when 'Man by a tree' was going to be a 'love story'...but as with 'serious literature', I couldn't pull it off, I either kept laughing at my own writing or vomiting. I read other authors' attempts at romance and I just can't keep a straight face. Knowing what's behind the secret out? No. No one understands. Good. The illusion hasn't been broken yet. Shhh.
Anyway, there's a character in 'Man by a tree' called Sarah, and readers don't get her until...the end. There was a part of the book I cut out in the 'final' draft (if there is such a thing) about a 'romance' but it didn't fit the book, the story or the style.
In 'Bethlehem Fiasco' there was a friendship between Jesus and his 'old man' - yes, a phallic reference, but no relationship with Mary, sorry, the 'old man' has that - yes, ANOTHER phallic reference.
In 'Rage' there were many friendships, including one between Sipho and a female dolphin, Kang Dee, but no romance.
Now, in 'Manna-X', there's going to be a sort-of-relationship between Graham and Fiona...well, Fiona thinks there will be / might's going to be interesting to write it...started and it can go any way...:-)
And THANKS for the 6000 views!!! This blog is getting anywhere from 20-120 views per day. May we go on to the big 10k :-))

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Unexpected post

Sometimes I get a surprise, for example, Sean Connolly on sent me this comment about 'Man by a tree'...

"I actually enjoyed reading this book and think it will do well at the end of the day. There is a superb flow to this that nearly took me away from the story as I was so deep in the book. Thats a good thing for me as I lose concentration very easily. Great humour, great pace and a great future for this. Well done."

Due to lack of sales, I always have doubts as to whether I'm getting anywhere, but when I read comments like this, with yet another reader/writer thinking there's something special, it helps me in the 'quest' for the perfect sentence...:-)

Anyone can meditate on a mountain

I always say that anyone can meditate on the top of a mountain. A lot of people don't get it.
And anyone can write when all they have to do is write. But can they really?
I think you need to DO life to write, and not sit in front of your computer and think "Now, what shall I write today?"
Yesterday, two of my family had a tiny tiny 2 line dialogue about something, and an idea INSTANTLY popped into my head. Here is the dialogue I wrote down.
Life gives these gems (at least I think they are) of human social exchange. It's little tiny bits of life which you need to catch and write down, and not copy from the classics or from another writer or movie. It's why I write, to share these things. Like when Billy Connolly was asking for directions in Glasgow, an old lady said "You know, I don't think you can get there from here." lol

"Is this okay?"
"It doesn't matter."
"Like this?"
"No, not like that."
"No, turn it around. Yes. No. Like that."
"Like this?"
"Yes, that's better., no, it's not."
"So, it doesn't matter?"
"No, no, it doesn't matter."
"Like this?"
"No, not like that! Oh, I'll do it."

(I added 1 word for another entry into Austin Briggs' competition this month (the word 'decide'), it'll be up to vote on soon hopefully...)

Friday, March 15, 2013

More lovely comments!

Slowly moved onto 21,000 words for 'Manna-X' (14,000 rough ones here), just worked out another 'twist' so a few more 1000 to come. But the writing process for this one is different to the others, which is good for experience, I guess.
Comments! Lovely comments!

On, a few comments on my writing...

Dieter Keller on 'Manna-X'..."It is my cup tea. The first chapter grabs my attention because its different. You get used to seeing the same thing over and over on this site, but this is refreshing. Can't wait to read more."

'Evermoore' (who?) on 'TDX2"..."I have to say...You doooooooooo make me smile. The way you write is quick, efficient, clear and fun. I'm so glad to have found your page and so many more books that I hope are just as enjoyable as this!"

And in e-mail...

Jasper T. Scott on 'Rage'...."Still enjoying your book. The dolphin is hilarious!"
...and I'm still enjoying his :-)

All great news :-)

Thursday, March 14, 2013


And I think I've just received the compliment I've been waiting for all these years. "Economical".
I am not one for long winded descriptions, I believe the reader should use their own experience of the type of situations and characters I present. I don't believe in shoving details down the throat of the reader, destroying any freedom they have in their own creativity. "The sullen old man dressed in a blue suit with matching tie mourned over..." blah blah blah... Nowadays it's usual clothing description that gets me, I call it 'ClothingDescriptionitus', Grisham suffers from it, as do so many others..."He ran down the dirt and dusty street in a faded blue loincloth..." Why do writers need to overload nouns with adjectives? Do they think it's what literature should be? All you have to do is read some Hemingway, ANY Hemingway, and you'll feel an economical style, one which allows you to think, not only in description but also in hidden meanings - he doesn'T spell it out for you, the reader has to work it out for themselves what exactly is going on. Freedom.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Where ideas come from

Where do the ideas come from? From nowhere.
I thought I'd write out a scene between Fiona and Graham, one I had a vague idea of how it started. Then an idea appeared. And another. In no time I had over 1000 words, some great ideas - taking the piss out of Dan Brown, adding some conceptual continuity, some great dialogue was wonderful. In one sitting I was able to write some great words AND deal with some of the plot. And where did it all come from? Nowhere, that's where. The process of writing created the writing. It's true what they say, sit down and write. Something will appear :-)

Manna-X comments :-)

Got a comment from Su Dan on authonomy 'Manna-X' -  
"interesting book - great narrative, and full use of dialogue - works well indeed..."
I might be able to use this for the back cover :-) Thanks, Su Dan, and 'Seasons', that's a nice book you got there.
And another from confused comment from 'cowgurl4Jesus8912', I'll put the best bit up here... 
" I did find it a little hard to follow...But as I continued to read it became easier for me to figure out and understand. While not my cup of tea I do think there are those out there who would really enjoy this story. On a positive note, I liked the 1st chapter you drew me in and made me curious as to what Rihat was doing. I also found the part where the Dob's were walking around trying to eat, figure out their device to be quite humorous and entertaining."

Still reading 'Escape', nice read, very relaxing. Had a look at it's reviews on Amazon, and I couldn't believe it. Out of 16 reviews, 4 were 2-star and there was even a 1-star! The 1-star was from a guy who only loves a certain style of the genre and he gives 3 or 1 stars to anything not in that. I hope I don't get guys like him (but no one can be safe from them).
Why do people give 1- or 2-star reviews? Do they want people to fail? Do they get a kick out of it? I'd better not say anything more...when I mentioned something about 'negative voting' on Austin Briggs' site, my 3rd story dropped straight down :-(

But it looks like 'Manna-X' is getting the right feedback, and it's no way near finished or polished yet :-)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Anonymous Post :-)

Thank you, Anonymous, for starting what I hope will be a growing trend! You made a good choice, 'Bethlehem Fiasco', a favourite of many of my small group of readers. I hope you enjoy the farcical yet profound nature of that book. I certainly enjoyed writing it...oh, I remember those days, on the crest of a wave, 1000s of words flowed from my fingers with ease and grace (slap).
It would be interesting for some feedback, or even a REVIEW! on would be an "Amazon Verified Purchase"! Now THAT would help things move along :-) Maybe...

On a side-note: 'Manna-X' is still moving along, at about 200 words a day...might be able to finish before Christmas at this rate...And what about those movie scripts? I'd need 26 hours in the day...but they will come! Eventually.

Update: This post is getting a lot of hits!
Okay, as of 22 Sept 2013...
'Dani's Shorts' and 'TDX2' are still available FREE here...
All my other books are on Amazon :-)
Please review wherever you can :-)...
And I'll be in the Iron Writer Autumn Equinox Open VERY soon. Please get your voting fingers ready :-)

Found a GEM!

This last month I've been searching the indies for a good writer. I thought I'd found 1 or 2 but after reading more into their books, they were crap too! There are, of course, some indies who I want to read more of but can't because I'd need to BUY their books (but if I can't get any sales, then I can't buy anything, either).

This certain writer's book has been sitting in my phone for a month. Because it didn't have a title, only a number, I kept overlooking it, until now. 'Escape' by Jasper Scott I still haven't finished it yet, I WILL review it on Amazon, and it's everything a book should be! It flows fantastically, there's a wonderful story, etc. (Ed: save it for the review)! Fortunately enough, he's also a NICE GUY and will review one of mine! (Yippie, finally!)
He's already said...
"Read the first few pages of Rage of Atlantis, and I can't wait to read more. You have me hooked already with your wry, descriptive--and best of all, economical--writing style. This is a book I think I'm about to really enjoy. Thanks for passing it along!" the ball going to start rolling? Will people start to read my books? Who knows?
But I'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Jasper for these kind words :-)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

What's the story? All 3 books!

I thought I'd help those who needed a little help in deciding whether my books are their 'cup of tea', so here's their stories (up to the 'volcano', of course). Ya don't think I'm gonna tell ya the ends, do ya? :-)
'Man by a tree'
Kailen the hobgoblin King sabotages the 'soul pickup' list, as ordered, and Graham Reader (aka Grim Reaper) picks up a few souls, until he can't find one, which is a BIG problem for God. Graham doesn't know what to do but Satan does, as he gets ready to invade God's home 'up above' and take his comfortable chair. In the meantime, Doug, a second-rate musician, tries to make it big with his latest music band, oblivious to fate. Graham asks around, trying to find the lost soul, until God catches up with him...
'The Bethlehem Fiasco'
After a freak accidental 'angel blood' incident at birth, Jesus can hear voices in his head, a fact he learns to forgot. God and Satan are aware of the fact that a monkey (human) has angel blood in their system and they wait for contact. As an adult, Jesus goes off to look for himself, only to find his 'inner conscience' (God/Satan/Lucifer/whoever is on the line) and John the Baptist and his cohorts, eager for a profit, at any cost...
'The Rage of Atlantis'
Set at the beginning of time, 2 evil Atlantean politicians want their dream to come true, and will pay any price to achieve it, irrespective of their own fellow humans. Chief of Security Sipho and his sidekick Kang Dee the dolphin investigate the last in a long line of terrorist attacks against their city, only to succumb to the evils of the time...

Friday, March 8, 2013

The craze has started ! :-)

Thank you 'Anonymous' for starting the craze of buying my books :-) I hope you chose wisely.... 
Man by a tree is heavy to start but races onto a 'volcanic' finale
Rage of Atlantis can crush brains, but
Bethlehem Fiasco is a healthy snack for all the family :-)~
TDX2 is basically a linear 'extra' adventure for Graham Reader (free here), whereas...
MannaX (No.5) (in the writing process) is another fully fledged complex plot book.

And to help you navigate my strange little neo-plantonic universe, here are the main characters from the 4 books so far...

In all 4 books to date...
God - He's the man in charge, 'up above'. He knows all, sees all. He's not as stupid as he seems.
Satan - Lord and master of 'down below', banished from 'up above' many years ago, all he wants is to be No.1!

Kailen - Lord over all hobgoblins. He also has hopes and desires.

In 3 books...
Graham Reader (1+2+4) (Grim Reaper) - Once shepherd, now Mr. Death, he's been worn down by over 2000 years of picking up souls. To put it bluntly, he doesn't enjoy his job anymore. 
Michael (1+2+3) - Once a great angel with his sword in hand, now he's the owner of a dangerous clipboard.
In 2 books...
Lucifer (1+2) - Satan's side kick, loves himself. That's why God threw him out of 'up above', too much pride.
Sniff & Grint (1+2) - Two of the laziest and stupidest hobgoblins you'll ever (not) meet. (Grint has a bit part in 'The Bethlehem Fiasco'-  see if you can spot him :-))
Drukan (2+3) - the 'newboy' hobgoblin who turned into 'the little man' with special powers

Man by a tree only...
Jerry (Jeremiel) - Friend of Graham's a bit of a wayward angel. Michael hates him.
Doug - A down-and-out muso, looking for his 'Big Break'. Will he find it?
Sarah - Actually, who is she?

The Bethlehem Fiasco only...
Jesus - the man himself, confused, but has a big heart
John the Baptist - wanna be baptised? It'll cost ya
Gaspar  - a criminal mastermind, once mistaken for a wise man
Pilate - the Roman Prefect of Judea
Herod & his son, Antipas - Two of the craziest rulers...ever
Caiaphas - the High Priest of Judea
Bassus - lower priest
And loads more...:-)

The Rage of Atlantis only...
Sipho - a not-so-great High Chief of Security for Atlantis
Kang Dee - Sipho's female dolphin sidekick
Oediouspelus - a greedy leader of Atlantis
Plagamus - an evil leader of Atlantis
the Auditor - a cheating draughts-playing Death statistician
Gabriel - a not-so-great clever angel
Iolus - the evil guys' inside man
Audrey - God's long-suffering personal assistant
And loads loads more :-) Fashion

When I can get my head down and write, it's the greatest feeling ever, to produce something which wasn't there a moment ago, something which encapsules thoughts, emotions, ideas for eternity. At the end of writing a story, there is a feeling of euphoria and you can't wait for someone else to read it.
...that's the problem. I thought that if you wrote something good, someone would read it, publish it and more people would get the chance to experience the 'joy' within the writing. Wrong. Sure, your friends love the stuff, they want more, but really, what is literature? Fashion. Someone buys a book because someone else did, or they see a good review in a magazine or see a huge display in the shop. Some say the books find their readers. I don't think so... I'm writing, loving the process and one day, maybe one day someone will buy one of my books...just the one, maybe.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

3rd try, it could be the one!

It looks like I'm still playing the game with Mr. Briggs.
Put on a new 55 worder here...
And he LOVES here's hoping.
Please come and vote 'thumbs up' :-)
...but saying that, he is commenting on ALL new stories and saying how LOVELY they ALL are.
This man cannot be trusted.

Still working through 'MannaX', it's coming slowly, and it's a LOVELY thing...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Original Post

Wow! Already got my first comment/review for 'Manna-X'! Okay, so she only read the 1st two chapters but hey!
It's from Debbie Roxburgh, her book Speedy McCready is in a position for the Editor's Desk for the end of the month on authonomy, which means a REAL editor gets to look at your work.
And AGAIN, someone (who doesn't know my other work) says it's 'original' ! 'Man by a tree', 'Bethlehem Fiasco', 'Rage of Atlantis', and now 'Manna-X'?! (people only said 'TDX2' was 'fresh and lively', though I think someone said 'original', can't remember... 
I'll use this comment for the back cover..."quirky, bizarre, amusing and above all, original"
Anyway, this is what she says...:-)

I have read the first two chapters.
I haven't come across anything quite like this on the site so far. The beginning really pulled me in with Rihat digging a hole to bury his 'precious cargo' in. Alone is the desert, or so he thinks, until he hears a voice.
The clever humour begins with the dialogue between the two men.
"What's a Jew doing here?"
"What's a linguist doing in a hole?"
I loved the image of Moront's silhouette picking its nose.

Graham Reader appears at the end of this chapter - what a very ordinary name for the Grim Reaper - like that the initials are kept the same.
There is the mystery of what is in the bag Rihat was trying to bury and why it's making a humming sound.

Chapter two
We meet God. He is not the omnipotent being I expected him to be - rather a tired, old man with problems.
Plenty of wacky humour in this chapter with the problem of the coffee machine and God banging his head on his desk in despair.
To me, some of your scenes, read like a Monty Python sketch because the imagery is so clear.
"What do you see, bird brain?" An insult from God - this made me smile.

Things take on a serious note when the Overlords appear to God asking him where the Manna-X Machine is and Graham Reader is deployed to find out.

A few typos in this chapter - please ignore is you aren't interested in that kind of edit.
'Five oh five ( Five o' five, I think)
"We'd like to check on it's (its) secureness ...'
"You're about 3000 (3,000) years late ... '

This is a very engaging read - quirky, bizarre, amusing and above all, original.
I think what I found most intriguing was that you have taken characters from biblical/historical settings and thrown them into a world of pure fantasy. The humour that runs through your writing is pitched just right - it would be easy to 'overdo' it but you rein it in enough for this not to be a purely comedic piece.

Top stars and hoping the book does as well as it deserves.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

'Manna-X' (1st part) can now be read...:-)

So, I've finally put up the first 13,000 or so words of 'Manna-X' on
It's still rough, needs a bit of work, but it's 'out there', you can read it and give some feedback!
Please tell me how you feel (if you get to the end of this first bit of the book) :-)

Two cars totally trashed...(biting)

My 1st book 'Man by a tree' is a favourite of a lot of my readers...yes, there are now a lot more readers than I can count on my fingers :-)...I had a little read of it the other day and it's filled with good stuff - how did I do that?
Anyhow, I remember when I first 'put it out', a lot of other writers said the phrase "Two cars totally trashed" which starts Part 1 scene 2 wasn't smooth enough, it had to be changed. Well, it's not meant to be smooth, it's meant to bite! Have you ever felt moving metal hit your soft skin? It isn't pleasant. When you have a car, plane or motorbike accident, the pain includes that 'biting' metal, that feeling which makes you realise that your body isn't bullet-proof, isn't immortal. One nice slice of 'fast moving' metal against your skin and you know about it. So, in that phrase, I tried to encapsule that feeling, and I think I have...check out the book :-)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Civilisation Burnout

You know, there's a lot of burnouts, I even have to write about teacher's burnout soon, but I think I have 'civilisation burnout'. I'm not having a nervous breakdown, I've just had enough of all this shit. Everything is money, position, power. The only thing I would like is self-sufficiency, away from the creeps and arseholes who 'run' our lives, thinking they're so clever by covering our hearts and minds with all their 'organisation' and 'achievements' and 'troubles'. We haven't moved one step away from the trees yet, and it's been a few 100,000 years! When will we learn! Read my books, you might understand...if only I could reach a wider audience...